Mauvaise Foi and Bonne Foi

(Not being true to yourself and being true to yourself)

An Inner Shift

A 5 minute audio

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Examples of Bonne Foi and Mauvaise Foi

Situation: you told yourself you would have none of food X today, but you were hungry and ate a small portion.

Mauvaise foi reaction = I am so terrible, how could I fall off the wagon like that?

Bonne foi reaction = Ok so this wasn't great but it could have been worse and is useful data. What do I need to do to make sure I do not get hungry tomorrow?

Situation: Later that day you are pressured to eat junk at your aunt's house, who is very proud of her junk. You have one slice but firmly refuse the second.

Mauvaise foi reaction = Two failures! I only just held it together at Aunty Vera's. I must never see her again.

Bonne foi reaction = Wow! I never thought I could resist the second slice. Maybe I CAN cope with just a moderate amount of junk. Perhaps it is time for an experiment...