Be Like a Great Teacher

Today we go deeper into dealing with your resistance.


I explain the evolutionary basis for that resistance.


But EVEN BETTER - we get in there and start dismantling it. Yes - it's time to sabotage your self-sabotage! I explain the evolutionary basis for inner resistance and explain why willpower or laziness often has nothing to do with self-sabotage.

Applying The Pauly Principle - the concept at the heart of these two weeks - is how you neutralise the resistance.  And you CAN neutralise it.

Here it is in a nutshell: 


If you repeat an action often enough, it will become automatic and therefore effortless


Revisit The Pauly Principle page here



If you have not already, go through The Cravings Busters. These will allow you to repeat the actions that you resist that will lead to freeing yourself from sugar.