The Empowered Addict

An Inner Shift

If you see your eating issues through the lens of 'I am an addict' it is REALLY important that you are using this word in the right way. Listen to the audio to see what I mean...

"Sometimes we ALL want that press conference"

How to Do Vunerable Minus  Victimhood

Remember that the difference between victimhood and vunerability is the difference between defining yourself by your problem and defining yourself by the story you are writing about dismantling the problem.


Fortunately, humankind thought of this thousands of years ago when it created The Hero's Journey. In this video I describe what that is and how you can apply it to your eating issues:


The Hero's (Eating) Journey

So...Back To That Word 'Addict'...

When I first realised the hell that I had let loose on my life with sugar, I used this word very much in the victim sense.


When I started to create the Cravings Busters and the Inner Shifts, I didn't recognise myself. I was having a very unusual kind of success. It felt great...and I stopped using the word 'addict' about myself. For a long time I would say "I am in successful recovery". I knew I had embedded not eating processed sugar in my subconscious.


A while back I wrote a blog post called The Proud Addict, but that was more because I liked the headline than any kind of expression of who I am. The truth is that 'addict' is a meaningless label for me now.


What has all this got to do with you, starting this journey as you are?


The only question that matters for you is: Is the word addict useful for me right now?


ADDICT is so laden with victim overtones, it may NOT be a useful label for you to use while your sense of self is transforming from victim to adventurer.


Only you can decide.


1. Rewatch your favourite movie and see how an inspiration it is for your own quest with food.


2. Journal on the word addict and decide if it is useful for you at the moment. If not, strike it from your vocabulary.