Eating Psychology Coaching

What’s My Investment?


Standard Coaching Programme

£850 (or 3 payments of £320)


* Initial session of 2 hours (can be split over 2 days if required) plus 11 x 1 hour weekly sessions

in person or by Skype, FaceTime or phone.

* 3 email check ins a week

During the assessment session, one of the things we will discuss is something that you want to check in about with me on a daily basis. This may be a new habit you want to develop, or a way to be accountable for a dietary change – or anything you need regular support for – tailored to your specific needs. We agree a specific target and you email me at a set time 3 times a week. I will reply within an agreed timeframe (always a few hours max), giving you much needed praise when things go right and helping you get back on the wagon on your off days! Regular check ins are a very useful way for my clients to stay on track.

Premier Coaching Programme

£1250 (or 3 payments of £450)


Initial session of 2 hours (can be split over 2 days if required), 11 x 1 hour weekly sessions and an extra 1 hour session to use either during the 12 weeks, or anytime up to a month afterwards

in person or by Skype, FaceTime or phone.

Daily email check ins

If you want not just regular but daily support in habit change and reaching your goals, then daily check ins are invaluable. It’s the next best thing to having a supportive expert who has been there and failed on a spectacular level beside your side as you make these life-changing shifts outside and in.

Please note: occasionally my schedule means that I will not be able to offer a reply for 48 hours. However, I will always give you advanced notice of this and this will affect a maximum of 5 days in total out of the 12 weeks (84 days)

1 x Rescue 10 call a week

A Rescue 10 call works like this: I give you the opportunity to call me for 10 minutes once a week outside your coaching session. Although this is not a 24/7 service, it provides much-needed extra support for those times when you are really struggling to stay on track and Sabotage You is trying to wreak havoc all over your best intentions. For example, if I give you Rescue 10 time between 6.30 and 7pm, you know that you can call me once this week between those times if you need to. Please note that Rescue 10 is not available every day.

Client-only videos

There are concepts that I go deep into only with my coaching clients – and some concepts that particular clients struggle with. For the premier coaching programme, I will produce at least one video a week for you that relates to a concept we discuss in sessions. These client-only videos are private and available only to clients in this programme.

 Extra Services

Extra Coaching Sessions

Contact me to discuss your needs

More Regular Rescue 10 Calls

Contact me to discuss your needs

Personalised Videos – For Your Eyes Only 

I can make you private videos for your eyes only that explain and expand on your personal issues that come up in sessions. Inspiring, motivational and practical. The next best thing to having me move in with you! Contact me to discuss your needs.