AKA How to manage when you cannot check in

Here are some ways to 'check in with yourself' during the break when I am on holiday:

#1  Listen or read past check in messages between us


#2 Journal your feelings. This has been shown to help people organise their thoughts. Just expressing yourself in this way may prevent you turning to junk to manage uncomfortable emotions.


#3 Message yourself. This can be surprisingly effective. You can send yourself a voice message on Whatsapp (just press the microphone icon bottom right of the screen, hold it for a second or two, then you see a padlock icon rise up. Now you can let go  and the device will continue recording)

...or in Voxer. Tap the pencil icon bottom right and record a voice note


#4 Message me. Obviously don't leave me really long messages, but I am happy to listen to any short (under 3 min) messages you want to leave me when I come back to work.


Finally, know that you CAN cope!