14 Days to Freedom from Sugar 

Your Springboard to Dismantling Your Sugar Addiction

14 Days To Freedom From Sugar is your kickstart to mental, emotional, hormonal and of course physical liberation, depending on how sugar affects you. It may be unbalancing your system in ways you are not even aware of.

Thank you so much for committing to this short, but highly transformational programme.


You now have access to the introduction and preparation sections of Freedom From Sugar.


Work through this content at your own pace, and when you are ready to start the 14 days proper there will be a sign up box that gets you into the Cravings Busters section and will trigger your daily Motivational Mindshifts to your inbox.


I recommend that you give the prep phase at least 4 days. You absolutely need to arm yourself with replacements that you like before day 1.




If You Have Chosen The Coaching Option

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Important: Be Aware Of This Before You Start

You will not lose all your desire for sugar by the end of the two weeks. Does this mean the title '14 Days to Freedom From Sugar' is a lie then? Absolutely not. You can be free of sugar and still crave it. The difference between freedom and enslavement is how in control you feel.


The three tools I offer you will allow you to reclaim that control. It doesn't mean it is necessarily easy all the time. Easy solutions only exist in the ad copy of fad detox and diet brochures.


I want to equip you will the practical strategies and mental resilience to free yourself of your addiction permanently. If you put in the effort, you absolutely will reach the point where you know you can divert your cravings. Then the point where you surprise yourself one by rejecting sugar and not missing it - if only for five minutes. Then by reaching The Effortless Tipping Point - where you have retrained your brain to do something else when you get a craving to the extent that you automatically walk away from the deli aisle, and your cravings become much more infrequent.



Reminder: What Is In The Programme

Freeing yourself from sugar requires 3 strategies:

CRAVINGS BUSTERS – These are practical strategies you can use to walk away from any addictive food – however compulsive you feel. Tried and tested, not all will work for you - but one or two will.


REPLACEMENTS – Your sugar addiction is hijacking a deeply ingrained, hardwired nutritional need that we have all inherited from our cavedwelling ancestors. Using processed sugar to satisfy that need is akin to giving a gambling addict a free night at the casino to help him pay his debts. The pricetag is just too much: not only obesity and diabetes but mood swings, fatigue, brain fog,and for many women raging, unnecessary PMT.

 The solution is to satisfy that need with replacements (clue: none of these relies on ‘have a piece of fruit’) that satisfy that nutritional need but not only have no pricetag, but they actually level out mood swings, increase focus, reduce fatigue and can drastically reduce PMT. This is the equivalent of giving the gambler a budget and coach who checks in on him every day to keep him on track.


MOTIVATIONAL MINDSHIFTS – Underlying both the use of replacements and the cravings busters are motivational mindshifts. These are new ways to look at any problem in your life, and turn it into a tool for change. We are very good at reframing our past: it is easy to see – in hindsight - the value of that crappy first job, or selfish boyfriend or cheating girlfriend 10 years later – and the various blessings in disguise they offered. What we all need to do a lot more of is reframing the present, to pivot from passive victim of the evil sugar to imperfect adventurer of our own lives. This is challenging and liberating work that goes beyond your food issues and frees you to reclaim your whole life.



The Foundation of This Course

There is one single unifying concept that is the cornerstone of this entire course; The Pauly Principle. 

Click here to learn about The Pauly Principle