This is the second part of how to stop stress eating. Today I discuss the two topics of (1) preventing compulsion when you are under pressure, and then (2) managing those urges when they do occur. This is a much more realistic aim than completely wiping this problem out. I am joined by the cast of West Side Story (honest ūüėČ




*(Highly Ambivalent) Moment of The Week*

Replacing Stupid Idea of The Week, we now have Moment of The Week. This week courtesy of a department store window.

Here is the shopfront image I am discussing in the show:

*Main section: Stress Eating

This talk is divided into 2 parts: Prevention and Management


#1 Manage Cavebrain – go back and listen to the previous episode for more on this.

#2 The other category of preventative measures that I am not going to name here in the shownotes, because it is used wrongly, and underestimated because of its unhelpful label. Clue: it begins with the letter R

#3 Reframing stress with one powerful 5-word question – even if you cannot find an answer to it immediately

#4 The substance you absolutely must experiment with eliminating



#1 Managing your environment

#2 Managing your hand when it wants to reach out for the junk




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