The Super Simple Guide To Reviewing a Podcast in iTunes

If you only found out what a podcast actually is five minutes ago, and have managed to locate and listen to a podcast, then this is the guide for you.

Step-by-step and grandmother-friendly 🙂

In this page I will show you in veeeery simple terms how to review my podcast The Eating Coach - or any other. So easy your Gran could do it!


NOTE: It assumes you have already found and listened to the podcast. If you need help doing that, please see my other guide how to listen to a podcast the super simple way

To review the podcast, you need to search the show (even if you already have it in 'My Podcasts') - this seems to be the only way you can find the 'reviews' tab. So...tap the search magnifying glass bottom right like this:

Type in the show's name and hit search...

Find and tap on the show's image as shown by the orange arrow. You may have to scroll along the bottom bar (in an Apple device) or scroll down (on an Android phone), especially if the show is new. Here I had to scroll left as my show is only a couple of days old.

The show's description pops up again. Tap on the Reviews tab like this:

And now you give the show a rating and a comment.


If you can, please be as specific in your comments. What particularly do you like about this podcast? What could be improved? I personally like to hear both positive comments and ideas about how to improve. And OTT reviews are less believable.