Listening to A Podcast on an Apple Device

On this page I will show you in veeeery simple terms how to access, subscribe to, and review this podcast on an Apple device.

Step #1 Follow this link to the show's page in the iTunes store:

STEP #2: This screen with the podcasts app will appear. Tap on the cloud icon to download this app.

Step 3 Tap on the magnifying glass (bottom rh corner)

Step 4: Start typing the eating coach into the search bar at the top. The full title will appear before you finish! Tap on this as shown here:

Step #5: Tap on the Eating Coach image at the bottom of your screen like this:

STEP #6 SUBSCRIBE This screen will now appear. Tap on subscribe to get new episodes automatically delivered to your phone when they are released (every Wednesday). Unsubscribe easily at any time.

STEP #6 To listen to pre-existing episodes tap on the relevant cloud icon and they will get downloaded to your phone and you can listen to them offline.

Next time you tap the podcasts icon, the show will appear in My Podcasts


To Review The Show In iTunes

To review the podcast, you need to search again for the show (even though you now have it in 'My Podcasts') - this seems to be the only way you can find the 'reviews' tab. So...once again tap the search magnifying glass bottom right like this:

Type in the show's name once more and hit search...

Find and tap on the show's image again...

The show's description pops up again. Tap on the Reviews tab like this:

And now you give the show a rating and a comment.


If you can, please be as specific in your comments. What particularly do you like about this podcast? What could be improved? I personally like to hear both positive comments and ideas about how to improve.