The law of attraction is  an amazing facilitator that we all have access to. However, getting your ego, your self-doubt and victim narratives out of the way - aye, there's the rub!

Let's explore what this through the six activation principles.

You're Always Manifesting, Whether You Know It Or Not

The law of gravity works all day, every day. You cannot be more on the ground than another person who is also walking down the street. In the same way, nobody is a better or more inadequate manifester than anyone else. The law of attraction works 24/7, just like gravity does. The key is to manage your resistance.

Alignment is Batman and Intention is Robin

In Gotham City, Batman does the lion's share of the superheroing, with Robin as his much less powerful sidekick. So many people make their vision boards and write out their affirmations (Robin work), hoping this will do the job. Wrong! Aligning with your intentions via your actions (Batman work) is where the real change happens.

Neutralise Your Internal Resistance

The greatest lie told by any guru anywhere is that your intentions and excitement about what you want to manifest are enough to get you there. What they don't tell you is that everyone resists what they long for. Instead of trying to plaster over this internal rebellion, let's understand it so that we can neutralise it in a Shift Session.

Embrace Limitation Wrangling

Life (or your divine self, or the Universe - pick whichever term works best for you) sees that you have some resistance to what you want. It responds to this as an intention to have some limitations. For example, the job interview you fluffed because you couldn't sleep due to your anxiety about…the interview. 

Limitation wrangling means  asking what is life teaching you about your manifestation process when things do not go to plan.  

Shift From Being A Perfectionist Manifester
To A More Agile One

When you shift to embrace Limitation Wrangling, you automatically become a more agile manifester. This means the ability to get curious, not self-critical, about all the things that go wrong. Turn your mistakes into seminars you teach yourself, then optimise your manifestation process.

90% Beats Perfection

The law of attraction is not a test.  (Even if it were, remember that most tests allow a pass rate of less than 100%). You are allowed to mess things up. Think of alignment not as one massive boulder to push uphill, but many magnets that you are aligning with each other. 

Use Shift Sessions To Dismantle Your Internal Resistance  

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