Holiday Survival Kit

Here are all the podcast episodes of my Holiday Survival Kit. I created these for Christmas, but the content applies to any celebration where food - and especially junk food - plays a big part.

I have also included other episodes that speak to these challenges.

Harriet Morris

HSK #1: The Holiday Survival Kit Introduction

Play this on 23rd December

HSK #2: Dealing With Sugary Gifts

Play this on 24th December

HSK #3: A Less Compulsive Christmas Day

Play this on 25th December

HSK #4: What The Holiday Sales Have Got To Teach Us About Binge Eating

Play this on 26th December

HSK #5: The Destimulation Mini Break

Play this on 27th December

HSK: #6: How Lego Helps End Binge Eating

Play this on 28th December

HSK #7: Funny Quotes About Food

Play this on 28th December

29th December

Choose from any of the longer episodes below or from the Fun section

30th December: A New Year's Resolution For Food Rebels

Listen here 

HSK #8: A New Year's Eve Story

Play this on 31st December

HSK #9: Now You VS Future You

Play this on 1st January

Other Episodes To Support You

EC 23: Celebrate Without Overeating

Click here to listen

EC 20: How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Click here to listen

EC 26: Real VS Fake Pleasure

Click here to listen

EC 27: Eat Less Chocolate With The Jim Carrey Test

Click here to listen

EC 18: Own Your Food Compulsion

Click here to listen

Ec 13: The Invisibilia of Secret Eating

Click here to listen