Imagine you already have a very healthy microbiome


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Guided audio for the supermarket:

Microbiome Audio

Probiotics I Use 

Miracle Greens 50 Billion CFU. To note: At first I found these to be very strong and they had a sedative effect on me that lasted about an hour. Now my system has got used to them. My 14 year old son had no such problem and I have never encountered anyone else who has had this issue. If you do find they affect you, you can try another brand with a lower amount of bacteria.

Books I Love...

Gut by Giulia Enders - really readable and made me get to know my insides as if they are a person - gave me a new found respect for this organ. laugh out loud funny in places too.

10% Human by  Alanna Collen - goes into more detail about disease and especially obesity. Fascinating first half and gripping opening.

Visualisations used in this presentation 

heart and brain visualisation

Imagine the last time you felt good - could be watching a movie  or having a drink with a friend or when someone mad eyiu laugh 


Now imagine that the visual and sound in put are beams of light entering your eyes and ears then into your brain which makes sense of them and that is wher eyiu feel the pleasure. 


Now move your awareness down to your heart because without the heart pumping blood to your brain you cannot have awreness of the words or sounds or sights that give you pleasure . See the heartbpumpijbgbthe blood and then see the blood moving effirtlesslyh through the capillaries to the brain


Take a moment to be so grateful for your heart and blood cells and brain that work tirelessly as a team. What a wonder your body is! 


Imagine you already have a very healthy microbiome. Imagine that you just feel really good in yourself as your default. What doe ethat feel like? Is it ease of movement, being able to do things you couldn't, feeling relaxed and hopeful about your future? 

Now say your power sentence to yourself and run that film clip 

Now we are going to go into a situation where you are going to make a choice about processed carbs. 

You are standing at the entrance to the supermarket 

Now in here there may be items that set off a mouth focus - you see processed carbs etc and your brain gives you a memory of the pleasure of that in your mouth.

So we are going to replace that with gut focus but this is much more powerful because we can attach the mini mind movie to it 

So imagine that above the doorway of the supermarket is this image of your healthy microbiome

Run that film clip and connect to the emotion of it. As you do, grasp the little finger if your non dominant hand with you dominant hand (for most people this means take your left hand pinkie in your right hand). Younare now anchoring this good feeling physically 


Now go inside the supermarket . 


Each food stuff is labelled with this image, but you notice that some of the images of the gut are blackand white and you can hardly see the pictures of the flowers. These are the items that are not good for your microbiome. 


( See b and white Image on page )


And now as you look around the supermarket you see signs rising up on the top of each packet, each item with either a beautiful colourful microbiome or a grey image.


Walk to the veg aisle and take a moment and focus on something healthy and delicious - crunchy red pepper, avocado, watermelon. Look at it with its colourful gut sign and run that mini movie again . Feel that emotion and now  put your dominant hand around the little finger of your non dominant hand 


Let go of your pinkie 


Now turn to a foodstuff that has a grey sign. Look at the sign and see how there are very few flowers visible . Say out loud now " Give me colour!" And walk away immediately to find a food with a colourful sign because you want to run that mini movie to make yourself feel better. See yourself reaching a colourful sign and saying your power sentence 




Next time you are in the supermarket imagine the signs and go and stand in front of some veg, grasp your pinkie and whisper your power sentence to yourself 


Find yourself in front of processed food you crave? Imagine the grey sign and then imagine the colourful sign - or actually have some healthy food on hand to do the colour sign/pinkie/mind movie visualisation  - or walk away until you find some 



Put the gut picture on your phone as wall paper 

Rewatch the video of this s exercise 

Try it out in the supermarket and other situations