I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Healthy Ice Cream


Part 2 – The Recipe and Results

This recipe was originally called bliss balls and given to me by Sally Bolton from Eat Train Love. I’m not sure that they were originally meant to be frozen, but I found they tasted better that way…and the nearest healthy thing to chocolate ice cream I’ve ever found. So to me, they are ice cream balls!


Recipe Part One


Recipe Part Two

Ingredients used in the video

1 cup almonds

Half a cup of dried fruit (sultanas or dates or raisins)

Half a cup of dessicated coconut

Flax seeds to taste

2 dessertspoons cocoa

A little water or coconut milk

Optional: orange flavouring


Mix all the dry ingredients together

Blend until the dried fruit has been broken down into tiny pieces

Add water or coconut milk and flavouring until the mix is a dough-like consistency

Form into balls and chill or freeze for 2 hours according to taste



This is the first set of your 3 experiment videos. Tomorrow and the following day you will receive the next 2. There will also be a HKE video library for you to refer to all the experiments. I will keep adding to this as I create more videos 🙂