The hidden gifts of type 2 diabetes? Are you bonkers, Harriet?

Well, no. This post will give you a massive Aha moment as you turn your dread and fear about your health into a feeling that you can do something about this thing.

Here are three positives that you have probably never considered before about this condition.

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Hidden Gift 1: It’s A Wake Up Call

Type 2 takes on average between 10 and 13 years to develop. This is why I call it a road – a long one, with places to do a uturn every mile. Compare this to getting a cancer diagnosis, or suffering a stroke (both of which lie – for some people at least – at the end of Diabetes Road). The very bad thing has happened to cancer or stroke patients. If you have type 2, it hasn’t. And you can prevent it before it becomes a crisis.

Hidden Gift 2: It Can Stop A Heart Attack

Did you know that a certain percentage of heart attack patients discover they have type 2 diabetes while in recovery? The fact is that even moderately elevated blood sugar, over the long term, can harden the arteries, leading to heart attack.

The hidden gift here is that the diabetes is a warning sign, the canary in the coalmine. It is just about the only condition that can rot the entire body. Imagine how many of those heart patients wish they had had a time machine to go back and get tested five years earlier. Now, if you are lucky enough to have never had a heart attack, isn’t it time to celebrate? You can stop it before it becomes a real risk.

Hidden Gift 3: The Unexpected One

The key changes that will reverse your type 2 diabetes – eating better, moving more and reducing stress – create real pleasure. This stands in opposition to fake pleasure which is a product of ultra processed foods, couch potatoing your way through the weekend and overstimulation. In the episode, I talk more about the difference between the two.

What To Do Now

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