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More about The Healthy Kids’ Experiment

My Name is Harriet Morris, and I’m just about to launch The Healthy Kids’ Experiment. It is a

much-needed answer to the insane divide I see in how we are feeding our children today. On one hand we see obsesity exploding, with teenagers suffering type 2 diabetes and strokes.

And on the other there is our love affair with junk food.

As an eating psychology coach and mum of two I know that the drill sergeant approach does not work with my adult clients…so it’s a fair bet it won’t work with our kids. We need to get them healthier without making them want to rebel. We have to be creative and a bit crafty 😉
The idea is simple. You infiltrate your kids’ diets with small changes – over and over. The aim is to change their taste buds over the long term. You get them to be a bit more active a bit more often. A bit less XBox regularly adds up. Children don’t gain weight or develop a sweet tooth overnight, and neither can we reverse these things in a week.

How does this experiment work?

I have already started with my children (aged 9 and 6). It’s completely free to participate. To do so, simply let me have your email address and I will send out instructions for the same experiments that I’ve started doing with my boys. You give them a go. It’s designed for busy parents, and those whose first love is definitely not the kitchen. It’s a very realistic project.

An Example

I got into a bad habit of using sugar to barter with my kids in the supermarket: if you are good boys you can have a treat. So one experiment I did was to try out changing the treat to a small toy. I told both kids beforehand: no more sweets at the supermarket, but you can choose a small toy. Result: both were happy with this and I got zero complaints. So this is what we do all the time now.
My aim is for the HKE to be a breath of fresh air in a world where experts are constantly urging us to go to war with sugar, and beat the obesity crisis, while our kids are still stubbornly demanding their junk food fix.
An experiment can’t be a success or a failure – it can only give you useful data. It shows you how to adapt and change your ideas.
Older kids can get on board and start taking ownership of these changes. Because we avoid massive harsh changes, we can negotiate with them.

What’s The Healthy Kids’ Experiment All About Then?
One Experiment A Week 
Sign up and once a week on a Thursday you’ll get a video with my latest experiment I’m doing at home.
You try it out, then on the following Monday I’ll send you the results video…of my experiment. You then compare your results with mine.
To get you started when you sign up, you’ll get a video series with 3 experiments I’ve done already, plus access to any previous experiments in the HKE.
I am planning a Facebook group, however the only place you can get the experiment videos is via the email list. This is because I don’t want the HKE to live on a social media site where pages and groups can get shut down by a computer algorithm at a moment’s notice.

It’s Free
Free to sign up. Free to get all the videos. Everyone needs to have this information.

It’s About Empowering Both Your Child And You
The world of health and nutrition is full of conflicting information…in a world that is full of conflicting desires. You want your child to grow up with the greatest gift in the world – health, but you want to treat them. They hate being teased about their weight, but desperately want their junk food fix.
The HKE is about changing your kids’ tastebuds over time, making exercise more fun, helping them be more confident and getting them on board in this process. And even leaving room for unhealthy food. No meal is good or bad in itself – we must tip the balance of healthy, strengthening and nutritious food so it takes over from the junk. But we do it gradually. We are NOT the food police.
I am not going to tell you what is best for your child. I am going to suggest experiments, and you work things out from there.

It’s About Imperfectionism
In my training as an eating psychology coach and my own experience dismantling my sugar addiction and shedding weight without dieting, I heave leant that we cannot make these deep transformative changes by forcing ourselves to conform to some perfectionist ideal.
It’s about making improvements, not turning your child into a healthy robot.

It’s For Busy People
As a single mum with 2 kids and a thriving business, time is at a premium for me. Let’s see if we can incorporate these changes into our family life without draining our energy.

It’s For Kids Who Find Life A Bit Tough At Times
My youngest son has special needs, and some of the changes I’ve made to his diet have made a real difference. The right nutrition can reduce mood, hormonal and cognitive problems – it did for me in terms of mood, anxiety and PMT…and I know that it has for him too. He is also an extremely temperamental eater, and I’ve had to be creative about getting him to eat anything at all at some meals. I’ll be sharing these findings regularly in the HKE.
I also have a special interest in helping overweight kids, not just with their diet, but with body image.

It’s Realistic and Honest
I haven’t got all the answers, but I do have a strong belief in the potential of not just my boys, but all our kids, to live their lives as healthily as possible.
I won’t be glossing over my mistakes in the HKE. But it doesn’t matter – because an experiment cannot be a success or failure  – it can only give us information.
So the truth is I won’t be making any mistakes. I’ll be learning and improving on my results.
I hope you will dive in and join me.

It’s Not Just Me!
The HKE is in itself an experiment. The more people sign up, the more feedback I get, the more people dream up and share their own experiments, the more the whole thing will thrive.
So join in and get testing these ideas out!



Harriet Morris