The Health Renewal Project (HNP for short) aims to discover the answer to this question:

Can changing your mindset around your health condition (a) make managing it easier and (b) help positively impact or even reverse that condition?

The default mindset that we have all been taught to develop when faced with a diagnosis or health condition is that an enemy has invaded the body, and the solution is to fight it. The rising rate of preventable disease in the last few decades indicates that this approach is questionable. The fact is that evolution has not designed us to fight unseen enemies in this way.

This ‘enemy’ narrative is actually blocking the natural ability of the body to deal with disease.

For a deeper explanation, see my upcoming video series which you can access here

The HNP takes a very different approach. Using neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, we transform how you see the body from

passive host to a toxic foe
powerful ally that has had its ability to self repair unlocked

Does It Work?

At the time of writing (November 2023), The HTP is just getting started, so the answer is: Let’s find out. I am looking for interested roadtesters who feel they would benefit from some coaching.

What I can tell you is that over the last ten years, in my work around binge eating, anxiety and depression, I have noticed the following changes that accompanied the main issues I was tackling:

Lowering of blood pressure
Reduction in IBS
A client with PCOS resuming menstruation
Huge improvement in my mobility issues and the associated pain
Lessening of back pain in a client

In addition, these mental health markers have improved:

Processing of trauma in clients and myself
Reduction of stress and greater confidence in a client with ADHD
Lessening of suicidal feelings in more than one client

The question that fires me up every morning is: Can I take the mindset work I have done around compulsion, anxiety and depression (as well as what I know about sustainable eating change for health), and use it to help people going through health challenges?

Who Is It For?

This is for you if you are suffering with a health condition, and you are willing to be an active participant in your own recovery. You need to have an open mind, and not be afraid to challenge your old ways of thinking.

Because I am looking for roadtesters with bright, enquiring minds, I do not expect you to buy into anything I say without testing it out. Think of this project as a series of experiments where you discover your own way forward.

Please note: I have no medical training and will never give out advice about managing your condition. My role is to help you manage your mindset around your condition.

I’m Interested. What’s The Next Step?

Watch this short video I made about the HNP

Get in touch about being a HNP roadtester here

Cheers now,

Harriet Morris