In this video series, The Health Renewal Diaries are an honest record of my adventures optimising my health. Enjoy!

This is all about empowerment, imperfectionism, body acceptance and a forward-looking approach to creating health (not fighting disease).

1: Introduction

2: The Health Check

3: Update – Wins From The First Two Weeks

4: Being Healthy on Holiday

I was lucky enough to escape the UK winter gloom and get away to Madeira for a couple of weeks. Video to follow talking about how I got on balancing fun with health on holiday.

5: Update – 25th January 2024

In this video

Clothes loosening and buying a smaller size


Decoupling the pub from drinking alcohol

Ankle weights

Fasting – everyone has their own journey

“Challenge but not overwhelm”

Optimization needed:  fitting work and health around each other