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One-to-one online coaching

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Do you think it’s possible to live a more empowered and ultimately easier life, free of struggle, depression, constant self-doubt and anxiety?


Would you like to apply the inspiration you get from the Harry Potterverse in your own life?


If so, Harry Potter coaching might be the answer.

How Does This Coaching Work?

We use the characters, spells and basically everything from JK Rowling’s world to create metaphors for helping you deal with the challenges in your life.

For example:

Become master or mistress of your life.
Just as Harry walked into the forbidden forest to face down his deepest fears when he gave himself up to be killed by Voldemort - and survived, you too can face down your fears and open up a whole new raft of possibilities for the future. A new relationship. A job that makes you up your game. Disentangling yourself from family ties that are strangling you. Ending an addiction.


The truth is that what is stopping you move through your resistance to achieving your goals are fears that are long past their sell-by date. The work is a step-by-step process of proving to your fear-mind that what scares it has no more power to harm you than a boggart.
Fight the dementors of your depression
...by discovering what your patronus is and how to bring it to life, even when, as Harry puts it, you ‘feel like you’ll never be happy again’.
Find your replacement tribe
There may be no giant on a motorbike to rescue you from the painful childhood that still haunts you - but you can create your own version of Hogwarts. I’m not talking about a magic school, but real connections and better relationships.
Do you have any Snape or Draco-like figures in your life?
Learn how to see them not as enemies you are powerless to overcome, but as unitentional agents of change - just as Snape and Draco were for Harry.
What could you be prepared to do in order to stop feeling this way around them? What if they were actually walking gifts in disguise who push you to get a better job, stand up for yourself or do the thing that scares you, but is ultimately the right thing?
Become muggle-proof
This is the process by which you stop being overly concerned with your family’s patronising “It’ll never work but you can certainly try it” attitude to your new business/blog/podcast, or your friends’ silent disapproval of you actually trying to start working on your bucket list today. Muggle-proofing is also a way to stop seeking affirmation from external sources, and discover it within yourself.

Video coaching sessions via Zoom are available from 2nd January 2019

Watch this space for more details

Introductory Offer

I am offering an introductory 60 minute session for £30, with 1/3 of this going to JK Rowling’s charity Lumos.
Please note that this is a limited offer which is dependant on my availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

I have been coaching clients with binge eating and other issues around food for over 5 years. Have a look at some of their testimonials below.


I have used Harry Potter as a source of strength to help me take action and connect with my resilience to help me with my compulsive behaviour, depression and anxiety. I am not ‘fixed’, because there is no fix. I still feel overwhelmed by life at times. But I know how to ride the waves instead of let them pull me under.


I believe it is these struggles that make me the best coach I can be, because I can help you find a more empowered way to feel and behave, even when the view looks as bleak as from a cell in Azkaban.


I once had a coach who was incredibly perceptive. She diagnosed the real reasons for my self-sabotaging behaviour, and for that I am very grateful. However, when I then said “OK, so what now? Exactly HOW do I change?” all she said was “You’ll work it out”. She almost shrugged - that’s how disengaged she was.


Well, I did work it out, and I see it as my mission to ensure that I never leave any of my clients in the dark as she did with me. This coaching is very focused on helping you put the ideas discussed into practice, to develop daily habits that support you, to help you do the things that will up your game. I offer accountability check ins via any messenging platform.


from eating coaching clients

Harriet made the lights come on for me with my eating issues. She broke down the process of tackling my sugar addiction so I could do it in an effortless way, a day at a time. Her replacements made all the difference. I haven’t given it up completely, but cutting down on it has changed my life. It released a tidal wave of creativity and potential. I’ve left the financial hell I’d created and even manifested my own car. I have a better social life nowadays.

I am also grateful for how I have been able to reframe my abusive childhood using tools Harriet taught me like the concept of stage 2. I am no longer living caught up in the past.

Alison Rowanna
Rowanna Tarot Readings

I was on a real roller coaster with sugar – insomnia and cravings were par for the course. I wanted to do something about it for health reasons and my low energy  levels. I had had enough! Through the programme, I have had 100% success giving up biscuits and chocolate since going through this process 2 months ago. Ideas like The Double Dare have made social situations a place to actually feel empowered around food – the other day I was at someone’s house, stood near the cake and  didn’t have any!

Kzee Herz
Shrewsbury, UK

Read and listen to more testimonials at www.theshiftinside.com/testimonials

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