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Many thanks for your interest in appearing on the Harry Potter Saved My Life podcast.

No expensive mic necessary. If you have a phone you can be interviewed on the show! 

Guests may appear for a whole episode, or just a few minutes, depending on what I feel is most valuable for my audience.

I am especially interested in hearing from you if:

You have a story to share about how JK Rowling’s work has helped you or someone you know deal with any challenges in life

You want to talk about one of the characters, spells, quotes or places - anything, in fact! - in the Potterverse and how you interpret the life lessons it offers

If you do not wish to appear in person on the show, I am more than happy to read out your contribution.

If you appear on the show, you will have an opportunity to plug yourself at the end.

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#2 Why you love Harry Potter

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Many thanks!

Harriet Morris 

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Why Is Harry Potter So Popular?

Why did Harry Potter rule the world of not just children's, but adult's imagination for over a decade? Why is the London making of tour (where last week I saw the over 18s outweighs the kids and teens - it as roughly 60/40) - and its extensive gift shop - so massively popular even now?

I don't think it's the magical elements, or the romance or the lessons about uniting, of choosing good over evil. These all contribute, but the reason the boy who lived exerts this universal fascination is this one thing:

Harry Potter is the playing out of something that most people long to do: facing their imaginary - and invisible - fears.

Voldemort creates a reign of terror in Harry's world. But when it comes down to it, when Harry chooses to face his death, wandless and alone, Voldemort cannot harm him.

We all have our own personal Voldemorts hidden in the depths of our souls, sources of terror that are to a great extent creations of our own imagination.

For example:
Fear of that job promotion
Fear of leaving an unhappy relationship
Fear of being more wealthy
Fear of shedding weight

In my work as an eating psychology coach, I come across the last fear almost every day. It's as invisible to my clients as Harry's cloak is to anyone except Mad Eye Moody.

Why should these seemingly pointless fears exist? Because they have a hidden importance.

The great news is that we can all face these invisible fears, little by little if that's what it takes. We can ALL be like Harry. You don't need to save the world - just reclaim your life.

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