Motivational Guided  Fast

Weekend of 15th - 16th January 2022

Choose your fasting window - from 16 to 48 hours - and upgrade your health with this online, no-willpower-required experience 

Doors Close In


Prep materials

Zoom calls over the Guided Fast weekend in a variety of time zones

Inspirational audios

Optional Facebook group


Includes everything in the Guided Fast PLUS:

Three x 45 minute one-to-one coaching sessions, to be used at any time in the next three months

The option to do a second guided fast with 4 x 30 minute check ins over two days at times that suit your time zone

Session Notes and Zoom recordings

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What's In The Guided Fast?

Prep Materials

When you join, enjoy immediate access to the prep PDF. This will help you get 100% not only on board, but actually excited to get started! This stage is important because it highlights things to think about ahead of the fast.

Group Zoom Calls

These are optional support calls of 45 min duration to keep you going and answer any questions you might have during the weekend. To cover different time zones, I am offering 3 calls per day - so that as many people as possible can attend two calls each day as follows: 

Saturday 10am UK time (= 11am CET, 8pm AEST)

Saturday 5pm UK (= 6pm CET, 1pm EST, 9am PST)

Saturday 11pm UK (= 6pm EST, 3pm PST, 9am Sunday AEST)

Sunday 10am UK time (= 11am CET, 8pm AEST)

Sunday 5pm UK (= 6pm CET, 1pm EST, 9am PST)

Sunday 11pm UK (= 6pm EST, 3pm PST, 9am Monday AEST)

Motivational Audios

Included are two audios. The first is to help you psyche yourself up before this weekend, and put you in the right intrepid frame of mind. Secondly is one to use if you are struggling. Hearing the right words just when you need them can mean the difference between despair and "I did it!"

Facebook Group

Optional extra: join the dedicated Facebook group to document and share your progress with others.

What Others Say

Harriet's resources were critical in getting me to focus on the right things, and knowing what to expect. I felt supported and it was great to go through this process as part of a group. 

JQ Whitcomb

Musician and educator

Harriet calmed down any nerves I had about my first 24 hr fast. She was so great with me and gave me invaluable, tailor-made advice that made the whole thing easier. I am now all set for my next fast of 36 hrs!

Kelsey Waller

Harriet changed intermittent fasting for me. Within a few weeks, my fasting windows went from variable to a consistent 20h each. My clothes feel looser, but the biggest win has been the focus during my working day.

Julie Griffirths

 Finally There's An Answer!

So many people feel defeated by the challenge of fasting and intermittent fasting - overwhelmed by  trying to do too much, too soon. The only option seems to be 'just put up with it' - but I'm here to tell you that you don't have to tolerate this misery. Your life is waiting; a life where you train yourself at a pace you can manage to tolerate the discomfort of fasting. This is how it gets easier and you fall in love with the greatest tool for health and wellbeing at your disposal in the 21st century. Welcome to freedom!

One Weekend To Change How You Feel About Your Health

Stop wasting your energy punishing yourself 
Neutralise your inner critic 
Bring the level of discomfort down to tolerable
Transform how you see yourself and your ability to manage your health going forward
Share your fears, gain inspiration from others' wins - and have your achievements recognised in the group

About Harriet Morris

I am on the greatest health adventure of my life, and I want you to join me!

I have been coaching binge eaters since 2013 and host The Eating Coach podcast, which has had over 200,000 downloads. In 2020, lockdown brought me a strange gift in disguise. The stress of that year and all the extra things I piled on my plate meant that I literally started piling extra things on my plate. 

I was The Eating Coach - but to my shame I found that I was getting more and more compulsive around food, and at times, alcohol.

In spring 2021, I turned 50, came clean about my compulsion on my podcast, and started intermittent fasting. I haven’t looked back since.

Fasting has been amazing for my mobility, mental wellbeing and surprisingly, is a powerful tool to dismantle compulsion. 

Here’s the secret sauce of successful fasting:

Focus on making it as easy as possible.

I’ve done this by avoiding the tactics most people are using, instead turning to the same strategies I have been using with compulsive eaters for years: low-pressure experimentation, neutralising guilt and shame, invoking curiosity and sidestepping the temptation to downgrade it to a super diet.

If fasting were a person, most people are stuck in a bitter mediation dispute: I will deprive myself, but I want some quick fix results - or else!

To me, fasting is like dating the most fascinating, attractive person you have ever met, but one that you are initially slightly intimidated by. At the start, you worry that they are out of your league. However, with every date you relax more and more, and they get easier to be with.

I have fallen head over heels in love with fasting. 

Now I want to help other people enjoy the same love affair with their health.

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