Group Coaching

Q: Just how do you reclaim your life from food?

A: Take one eating coach with 7 years' experience, as well as cutting edge training in eating psychology. Now combine with the awesome power of working with a small group. Start seeing results almost immediately!

Listen to Cindy's experience of group coaching:

How It Works

  • 2 x 45-60 min sessions a week
  • Video calls via Zoom
  • Max group size of 7
  • A mix of weekly topics and Q&A
  • Practical exercises to support change in the real world
  • No long term commitment - just pay as you go monthly (this may change in the future)
  • Opportunities to ask for topics to be covered

Topics Covered

  • The Feelgood Factory in your head and how it blocks compulsive eating
  • What scripting is and how it can help you develop a realistic positivity
  • The role of pleasure in reclaiming your life from food
  • How to offload shame that doesn't belong to you so you no longer need to eat your feelings
  • The secret ingredient that creates affirmations that actually work for a change
  • Body Confidence for real women and men
  • Why getting older is the greatest hidden opportunity for releasing compulsion that nobody is talking about
  • ...and lots more

Listen to Brandy's experience of group coaching:

What's In It?

Group Coaching  plus 1 x One-to-One Session per month 

Extra One to One calls

2 x 45-60 minute group Zoom sessions a week

One Topic A Week

1 x 60 minute one-to-one session a month

Includes detailed session notes


Private Slack Group

Post your questions and wins 24/7. I will check in every day.

PAYG additional one-to-one sessions

Includes detailed session notes

£225 per month

or £175 with the discount (see below)

£75 per hour

I am offering a £50 discount per month in return for audio testimonials that I can use on my podcast and website. You do not need to give your name on air. 

Here is a helpful page to give you some prompts for your testimonial.

It is easier than you might think to create a testimonial. If you like, I will help you create some prompts, then you simply talk into your phone using a link I give you for a minute or two. Alternatively, I can record a quick conversation with you if that is easier for you.

3 Brilliant Bonuses


Bonus #1: The Money Project

This is a surprisingly effective but down-to-earth way to have more money coming in. No, it is not any kind of MLM. It does not require you to read The Secret. You do not need to sell anything. All you need is a notebook and about 5-10 minutes a day. I (along with clients that I have taught this strategy to) have used this notebook method to draw in £ hundreds and, in some cases, £ thousands. It is a chance to make group coaching not only pay for itself...multiple times over.


This bonus is a one-hour session where I will outline how to do it, as well as describe mine and others' experience with it. I will also invite my friend Trista who has had great success with her own money projects.



Bonus #2:

Get the Freedom From Sugar programme 


The Body Confident Project as a complementary welcome bonus when you join. 

Bonus #3

Three catch up group sessions on the most vital concepts the group has covered in the last two months

I'm In! - What Do I Do Now?

Excellent! Message me in Slack or email me: info @ telling me which option you have chosen and if you want to take advantage of the discount. If so, please record your audio by the end of Tuesday.