Grounding Practices

Having a grounding practice is life changing.

But before you do it, that might be hard to believe.

Therefore it is easy to discount it, to make it an optional extra. And some days, you will have no time - really.

But do not make this mistake. Your ability to manage stress and live life instead of think it, both of those reside in the body.

Culture has taught you to be ungrounded. Just assume that is your default state. So if you are checked out of your body, how can you possibly manage the stress of today's world and fully live your life while you are so ungrounded?

Shorter Grounding Practice


Once a day, listen to this audio for the first 24 minutes only - up until you hear the bell.

To enhance this, do the following: As each body part is described, take hold of it.

Important: in this audio, no mention is made of the stomach. However this is such an important part to lay your hands on. Do not expect to enjoy this at first - it is universally the most hated part of most women's bodies.

So when the narrator s talking about the water reaching the small of your back, touch that then lay  hands on your stomach.

Part 2 - Slow Eating

If this is new to you, start with the slow eating games for at least one meal a day.

Increase to two meals a day.

Then move on to taking 30 minutes for at least one meal a day, two if possible

Longer Grounding Practice

Expand your practice with the audio to the following:

#1 Meditate for as long as feels rights

#2 Work through the audio above

#3 Pineal (or energy) breath x 5

#6 Theta affirmations

#7 Scripting

This longer practice takes me about an hour. I have been doing it first thing in the morning, but it is worth trying in the evening.

This longer practice is especially important if you are going through a shift in how you need to show up in the world - if you are thinking things like: How do I be the Queen? How do I manage life without compulsive eating? How do I step up in order to be the person I know I can be?

An hour out of your day may seem like a lot - but the only question you should be asking is: Have I experienced the payoff yet? If I have not, then how can I discount it as being too much time? 

I cannot place a value on the ability to just relax in my body for no reason, to find it easy to say I look great, to have decent digestion after decades of IBS, and the underlying current of confidence this practice gives me. An hour a day? No price at all.