Here are your 3 gifts. Enjoy!

#1 Sugar Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

This is, hands down, the favourite sugar replacement of my clients, people who have done the Freedom From Sugar programme - and even my kids love it!

Access it here 

#2 Audio ~ The Forest

This audio, called The Forest, is on the surface a relaxation exercise. However, it has a deeper and more powerful purpose - to help you connect with your ability to change.

Do not attempt to do anything else at all - never mind drive operate machinery - while listening.

If this audio player does not work, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

#3 The Choice You Don't Know You Have

This is a brilliant exercise to help you stop telling yourself that old story of "It's too hard to give up sugar". With a couple of minutes simple calculations (no calculator required), you will feel like someone just gave you a shot of inspirivation*

*Yes, yes, I glued inspiration and motivation together. Super cheesy, I know....

Access it here