Date #20

Feel The Fear and Calm Cavebrain Down Anyway

Two days after speaking my truth as described in the last date, I went to the Go Ape high ropes adventure course, partly to manage my fear of heights. I had done this a few years earlier, and it had been a massive success. I was expecting a repeat of that experience: scary, for sure - but ultimately one big rush of endorphins.

Let's see how the day went...

Part 1: Before The Adventure Course

Part 2: Afterwards

Comment on video 2

About 2 min 30 secs I say that I responded to my fear with the flight mode - fleeing the threat as Cavebrain saw it. When I thought about it later, I realised that this was wrong. I did not get down on my own - someone had to help me. My response was 100% freeze response.

Freeze response is the lesser known sibling of fight or flight. Small animals like possums will go into freeze response when faced with a bigger animal. They 'play dead' because often predators are less interested in prey that is already dead.

Humans can also go into freeze response. It is instinctual. I had no choice about my freeze response on this day.

Freeze response is not worse than fight or flight, but problems can arise when we fail to exit the state.

I will talk more about this in tomorrow's date, which describes the amazing shift I felt as regards my Cavebrain over the following days.

What To Do On Today's Date

What can you do today (or set up today) to prove to your Cavebrain that something it fears is not so bad after all? It doesn't need to be as physical as my experience was.

For example:

Climb up a tall tower or big hill

Get a tattoo

Go to a Toastmasters event to calm your fears of public speaking

Set up swimming lessons for yourself

Train for an event that feels challenging 

Join a meetup group and attend an event

The first - and last - station of the day for me

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