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Do you have trouble saying no to people?
Are you sick of looking after everybody else’s needs - except your own? 
Do you long to be able to stand up for yourself - but have no idea how?

Boundary Setting 101 Week is the answer.

In this free series of three masterclasses, empath coach and host of the Stop People Pleasing Show, Harriet Morris will show you... 

The reason you have such a fear of boundary setting, and why you should stop giving yourself such a hard time about it.
What your fear centre is, and how you can influence and calm it more easily than you might think 
a 15-minute way to reduce overwhelm that needs nothing more than a pen and paper
A radical, empath-friendly 180 shift in dealing with difficult people that is empowering yet realistic 
Low-risk experiments you can do to start setting boundaries during the masterclasses! 
What empowering vs reactive boundary setting is

The Three Masterclasses

All last less than 30 minutes

Masterclass 1 ~ Turn Down The Volume on Your Fear of Setting Boundaries

Discover why you are already better than you think at boundary setting, and learn all about your fear centre. Something akin to a blind and stubborn bouncer living inside your head, your fear centre is actually trying to protect you by resisting setting boundaries. By the end of this session, you will understand how you have more influence over this part of your mind than you think.

Masterclass 2 ~ Setting Your First Empowering Boundary

Learn what the crucial difference is between reactive and empowering boundary setting. In this liberating masterclass, I take all the pressure off this challenge in two important ways that allow you to step into your power. 

Masterclass 3 ~ From Struggle To Adventure

How to reframe this skill so that it excites you instead of fills you with dread. Step two foot to the side of the nonsense your inner critic tells you as we uses two powerful and inspirational reframes that will make you want to stretch your comfort zone.

How Does It Work?

You can attend the 3 masterclasses on Zoom or get  the pre recorded videos delivered to your inbox - or do both!

There is also an optional Facebook group for further discussion and Q & A.

Times and days of the sessions TBC. I will run each masterclass twice to make them available to people in a variety of time zones.

About Harriet Morris

I started coaching mostly women with binge eating and sugar addiction in 2014. 

In 2020, I realised that I am an empath and began The Stop People Pleasing Podcast. While being an empath is a huge bonus in coaching, I came to realise that my empath nature had been holding me back in my personal life as far back as I can remember. 

Just like you, I have let narcissists and energy vampires take advantage of me. I have sat and patiently listened to well meaning energy drainers ruin my night. I too have felt bad because I had to leave that crowded bar early, unaware that I was unconsciously absorbing an overload of others’ energy. I have felt paralysed by my highly sensitive nature at times.

A few events in lockdown conspired wonderfully to prompt me to start showing up differently. Uninspired by 99% of the self help books for empaths (or should I say nohelp books???), I took matters into my own hands and started experimenting with creative ways to challenge myself. 

I have ditched energy vampires, and developed non confrontational ways to protect myself from WMEDs (these are the non toxic energy drainers). 

The result is that I feel liberated in a way I never have done before. It was never my empath nature that was the problem, it was my own mismanagement of it that caused me so much pain. You too can manage your empath nature and free yourself from misery.

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