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Freedom  In  Five

      Escape your sugar cravings in less than             five minutes

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This free audio will help you walk away from sweet foods - even when your cravings feel overwhelming. And all in less than five minutes!

Just put your headphones on, press play and start making your way to freedom...

Zero self-belief required
Tap into your curiosity
Let your imagination get the better of trying to 'be good'

Who Is Harriet Morris?

Harriet Morris is The Eating Coach and empowers women to see up to a 95% drop in binge eating and make sugar a non-issue - all without feeling deprived or bad about themselves. Her own journey of recovery from compulsive eating and sugar addiction started when she turned 40.

Using a blend of psychology and neuroscience to help her clients, Harriet helps clients dismantle their useless guilt and put their inner food rebels out of a job!

Her podcast The Eating Coach has had nearly a quarter of a million downloads. She is also the creator of The Body Confident Project, which makes mirror acceptance entirely possible – and within a month.