Five Ways To Make Fasting Easier

Part Two: Treat Every Fast As An Experiment

Action Step: Make a list of 1 - 3 different fasting or intermittent fasting experiments you could do...or pick from this list...

#1 Experiment with either missing breakfast OR missing your evening meal. (Or do either on different days). Which was easier?

#2 Experiment with  a day long fast on A) a day off where you have no commitments. Now experiment with fasting on a day where you are busy. Which is easier?

#3 A thought experiment. What is a fast length that feels challenging but possibly doable for you? How likely are you to do this? Now imagine someone is offering you an all expenses paid holiday if you can do it. Are you more likely to do the fast in this situation?

Tomorrow: The magic of Behavioural Cues 

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