The 5 Minute Appetite Suppressant

Welcome! How do you feel about eating slowly?

How would you feel if I told you it was a superpower anyone can access?

Why Is Slow Eating So Good For Us?

First, rename slow eating as Eating Presence

How long do you think it would normally take you to eat the food you have brought to the session? Write your answers in the chat or say them.

Slow eating games 

Take one bite at normal speed time yourself using the group on screen timer

Box breath

Slo mo film star

How long can you keep the food on your tongue without chewing it? Are there any juices etc you can taste?

How was that experience?

The REAL Superpower of Slow Eating

...because food compulsion and eating fast is a way to express lack of self acceptance, "I am not enough", self loathing etc 

When you replace

fast eating as an expression of "I am not enough"

slow eating as an expression of self acceptance

you start to change your self concept.

It's called The 5 Minute Appetite Suppressant because you start with 5 minutes of eating presence and build up at a pace that is right for you.

What's Next?

I will email these presentation visuals

Practise the eating games

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