Freedom From Sugar (working title)

A 14 Day Springboard to Liberation

Have You Tried and Failed To Free Yourself From Sugar Before?

If so, you have come to the right place. External solutions such as detoxes that leave you high and dry at the end will always fail the sugar addict. Concepts such as willpower are equally doomed to failure because they never tell you HOW to resist temptation.

Are you sick of feeling inadequate?

Are you exhausted and know sugar is draining your energy - but have no idea how to resist it?

Do you run to the sweet junk for comfort, only to suffer the guilt backlash as soon as your plate is clean?

Would you like to free yourself from sugar without feeling deprived or bad about yourself?

Do you want to find your natural tolerance level for sugar?

  • Turn the word 'can't' on its head through powerful reframes.
  • Transform your perception of deprivation and FEEL differently about freeing yourself from sugar
  • Access the Chocoholics' rescue service: no more boring old apples. Instead, replacements that taste good AND satisfy both your cravings and nutritional needs
  • The replacement kick - what it is, and why understanding it is so vital

Transform your feelings of deprivation

The main reason you fear giving up sugar is that you do not think you can cope with the deprivation, that it is essential to your life.  I will not only show you this is wrong, but I will get you to transform no sugar from a process of deprivation to liberation. Everything you have ever learnt about mindset has missed out on the emotional element: getting excited about this change. If you could FEEL differently about freeing yourself from your enslavemment, wouldn't it become more effortless? This is partly down to reframing, and partly down to replacements 

The Three-Pronged Strategy

Freeing yourself from sugar requires 3 strategies:

CRAVINGS BUSTERS – These are practical strategies you can use to walk away from any addictive food – however compulsive you feel.

REPLACEMENTS – Your sugar addiction is hijacking a deeply ingrained, hardwired nutritional need that we have all inherited from our cavedwelling ancestors. Using processed sugar to satisfy that need is akin to giving a gambling addict a free night at the casino to help him pay his debts. The pricetag is just too much: not only obesity and diabetes but mood swings, fatigue, brain fog,and for many women raging, unnecessary PMT.

The solution is to satisfy that need with replacements (clue: none of these relies on ‘have a piece of fruit’) that satisfy that nutritional need but not only have no pricetag, but they actually level out mood swings, increase focus, reduce fatigue and can drastically reduce PMT. This is the equivalent of giving the gambler a budget and coach who checks in on him every day to keep him on track.

INNER SHIFTS – Underlying both the use of replacements and the cravings busters are powerful inner shifts. This is a new way to look at any problem in your life, and turn it into a tool for change. We are very good at reframing our past: it is easy to see – in hindsight - the value of that crappy first job, or selfish boyfriend or cheating girlfriend 10 years later – and the various blessings in disguise they offered. What we all need to do a lot more of is reframing the present, to pivot from passive victim of the evil sugar to imperfect adventurer of our own lives. This is challenging and liberating work that goes beyond your food issues and frees you to reclaim your whole life.