Freedom from Sugar Replacement Foods

Set your expectations correctly and they can be a powerhouse of support

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The 2 Secret Superheroes In These Replacements

As well as giving your hand something to reach for when you crave sweetness, quite a few of these foods have 2 secret superpowers.


Superpower #1 is PROTEIN.

Superpower #2 is HEALTHY FAT.


Let's talk about them separately.



You have probably heard good things about protein. You probably know that it is filling. But did you know that it can also have a calming effect on your mental state?


And did you know that protein is a macronutrient, which means that it is one of the four nutrients we need in greater quantities than micronutrients (like vitamins)?


And did you know that your body requires more macronutrients in the first half of the day than the second half (for all that hunting, gathering etc that we are still designed to do by evolution)?


And did you know that if you don't give your body enough protein in the first half of the day, it will start complaining...not in a way that you can understand ("Oh please feed me an omlette") but in the only way it knows how - by screaming GIMME SOME CARBS NOW!!!


Processed sugar answers that call.


This means that often sugar cravings in the late afternoon and evening are your body complaining that it has not had enough protein for breakfast and lunch.


...Which means that if you eat more protein at breakfast and lunch, you are less likely to crave sugar later in the day. Try it and see what happens!




The greatest lie the diet and fitness industry has been peddling for decades is the one about fat being evil.


The truth is that not all fats were created equal.


In the video below, I explain the difference between the two.

PS The best food in the world IMHO is anything that contains both protein AND healthy fat.  


Getting the nutrients and hormone messages to your cells is a powerful way to reduce sugar cravings, because often sugar gets used as the nearest substitute for decent nutrition, genuine cognitive focus, emotional regulation and natural energy.


This affects some people's feeling of wellbeing more than others. Why? I am not sure. All I know is that for many people who suffer sugar induced mood crashes, healthy fat (as well as protein) - especially when eaten in the first half of the day - can make a difference within days.


Sources of Healthy Fat

In these recipes: Nuts (ground almonds), coconut oil and coconut milk, eggs (if free range) and olive oil.

Ask Mr Google to tell you other sources of healthy fat.


And Did You Know...

...that everything I just told you about protein being a macronutrient and a sugar cravings prevention kit also applies to healthy fat?


This Means That...

***A powerful way to free yourself from sugar is to start eating more protein and healthy fat for breakfast and lunch***


I have created a breakfast and lunch sheet for you to give you some ideas:


Breakfast and lunch sheet


The Replacements

Please note that since I first created Freedom From Sugar, research has come to light that about certain natural sweeteners.

This research indicates that they can fool the body into thinking that glucose is incoming into the system, which triggers a cascade of unhealthy effects.

Therefore I am now advising that the only thing you should use to sweeten any replacement is fruit.

I believe that you can make an exception for big celebrations such as Thanksgiving and birthday parties. No food is unhealthy if you eat it a handful of times a year.

I have indicated the replacements that use natural sweeteners with the label 'For occasional celebrations'.

(I Can't Believe It's Not) Chocolate Cake

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Indulgent Celebration Dessert

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Smoothie - Mocha or Chocolate

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5 Minute Breakfast (3+ versions)

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