14 Days to Freedom from Sugar 

The Preparation Phase

Did you ever see Fight Club? Watch the first 17 seconds of this (entirely non-violent) clip:

Now I want you to imagine Brad Pitt saying the following words:

The first rule of prep phase is you do not skip the prep phase. The second rule of prep phase is you do NOT SKIP THE PREP PHASE.

Why Is The Preparation Phase So Important?

*Because you absolutely need replacements on hand from day 1 - and you need to have prepared and tried these out and chosen which ones you like the best.

*To psyche yourself up - you are telling yourself this is an important thing by preparing for it. Big events like weddings and birthdays and family celebrations usually need preparing, so jump on that mental bandwagon and leverage it!

*To make any environmental changes necessary (see below).

*To think about triggers and rewards (see below)


How Long Should The Preparation Phase Last?

At least 4 days; a week if you can wait that long. The most important thing is to make time to shop for and prepare as many of the replacements as possible.


What To Do In The Preparation Phase

Listen to this Eating Coach episode explaining how sugar hijacks your brain:



Shop for, prepare and try out your replacements.

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Optional - get a notebook/journal

Not everyone likes journalling, but at the very least a notebook will help you keep track of various to dos that crop up. Many people find journalling invaluable - organising your thoughts during difficult times is very helpful. In addition, you need to make a note of any breakthroughs that you experience - it will change your sense of self from addict to someone capable of changing their life.



Define what and when you are giving up/reducing

Sugar is such a huge topic that it is important to define exactly what you are eliminating or reducing in the next two weeks. The tools in this programme are designed for eliminating sugar or a particular foodstuff, rather than reduction.


It is VITAL that you focus on achieving success in two weeks, rather than some extreme plan that will backfire on you and make you feel worse. From this authentic, real confidence you can build on your success.


So you want a challenge that pushes you, but nothing Everest-worthy.


So in this prep phase, decide on what you are giving up. Roll the concept around in your head. Do you feel that you could do it, with the right tools at your disposal? Compare different challenges to see how they feel.


Most people (including myself) who have been through Freedom From Sugar did NOT eliminate all sugar. For me when I gave up, all desserts and chocolate was the right thing because I was in a PMT-fuelled hell. I still allowed myself sauces like mayo and balsamic vinegar and orange juice. Even though fruit juice has more fructose (the nasty that leads to type 2 diabetes) in it than Coke, at that point everything else was trivial compared to my need to keep away from the No Stop Button desserts. I removed OJ later on (I still do drink it sometimes). Imagine how much confidence and motivation you will have to clean up other bad food habits once you have succeeded with the one thing, or two things that make you feel dejected, ultra-guilty and useless.


When you are ready, write down in your journal:

I commit to free myself of .............. for 14 days, starting on...............



Announce what you are eliminating and the start date 

Own it by telling whoever you like that this is what you are doing. You may wish to keep this goal private from some people.



Go through the first MindShift exercise: The Choice You Don't Know You Have 

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Plan Ahead To Eliminate or Weaken Any Triggers

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When you have completed every step #1 to #6, you are about ready to begin the 2 weeks...

The day before your official start date, it's time to...

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