14 Days to Freedom from Sugar 


It's time to begin

You have now completed the preparation phase and tomorrow it is time to start your two weeks.

What happens now?

There are two more strategies in this process: Cravings Busters and Motivational Mindshifts.


Below is the link to the Cravings Busters page. These are the behavioural tools (think of them as powerful distractions designed for compulsive moments) to get you to walk away from sugar, even if you don't think you can.


Spend some time there choosing which strategies appeal to you the most and try them out as and when you get cravings.

You do not need to go through all the content right now - but please set aside at least 30 - 60 minutes today to start thinking about them.


At the end of the Cravings Busters videos, there will be a link to sign up for The Motivational Mindshifts, which you will be able to access one by one over the next 14 days in your email inbox.


The Accountability Group

The link to join The Facebook Accountability Group will be emailed to you either on the 1st January (if you are reading these words before that date) OR as soon as you sign up for The Motivational Mindshifts.


Click here to access The Cravings Busters