Cravings Busters

To understand why Cravings Busters work, you need to be let in on a secret....

Einstein's Secret

NOTE: In some of these videos I talk about 'chaotic eating' which I what I get every client to rename binge eating. The idea of chaotic eating has less power over us than the idea of binge eating. A sugar spree definitely qualifies as chaotic, as I am sure you will agree!


The Cravings Busters

Here are the strategies themselves for you to try out.  Think of them a bit like online dating options. I want you to go through all of them and then try out any that appeal to you when you next get a sugar craving. Just as you are not going to fall in love with every photo on a dating site*, some may not work for you.

Your aim in the next two weeks is to try out every Cravings Buster, then find one that works the best and stick to it. Then you retrain your brain to default to that one action every time you get a craving. Remember that Eugene Pauly did not have 4 or 5 routes he took for his morning walk: just one.


Trying Cravings Busters that do not work is a very valuable exercise: this process of elimination will lead you to the one that works. So trying one that ends up in you eating sugar is NOT a reason to despair - it is damn useful data.


Be sure to watch the video on The Most Powerful Cravings Buster of Them All which I have left til the end.


*My favourite ever dating profile picture is a toss up. It was either a picture of a chicken tikka pie or a square of carpet. So however difficult giving up sugar may be, just be grateful you don't have a date tonight with Mr/Ms Carpet or Mr/Ms Ready Meal 😉

No. 1: The 5 Minute Reward (2 Videos)

Ideas For Rewards - Including Free Ones

It may not be practical to give yourself these straight away but you can grant yourself permission to have them after 5 minutes. You can schedule them after 5 minutes. You can buy them online after 5 minutes.

I suggest you do NOT use replacements as rewards. You can eat the replacement anyway. The rewards are ways to change your automatic response to NOT use food as a reward. Or drink for that matter.


  • DVD off Amazon (spend some time googling "The 100 greatest movie of all time" for ideas to prime the pump)
  • iTunes Download
  • Book/magazine (although in the words of Baz Luhrman "Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly")
  • eBook
  • Listen to a song (do the same research exercise I suggested for the DVDs above. Create a YouTube/Spotify juke box list)
  • Time - you can play with this one. What seems like an extravagant amount of "me" time later on as a reward? Offer that to yourself. What do you really want to do in that time? Watch reruns of Friends or Cheers? Nap? Surf Facebook?
  • Get or order a holiday brochure
  • Give yourself a facial scrub or some other form of pampering. Buy a bottle of lotion specifically as a Cravings Buster reward
  • Anything that gives you a quick hit of pleasure that will not backfire into guilt

No. 2: Text Salvation

NB I have added an extra step to this in the written instructions below this video to make it even more powerful than it was.

Text Salvation Written Instructions (includes extra step):

This is my personal favourite! It is the one Cravings Buster that I used virtually 100% to walk away from the junk, and it was what caused my feet to seemingly have a mind of their own that day they turned and walked away from the junk aisle when my sabotage self was trying to disrupt my success.

Here’s how to do it:

#1 Pick a friend who will be supportive. Pick more than one if you have that luxury!

#2 Explain to them that you might need to text or message them a few times in the upcoming weeks, when you get a craving. Stress that they do not need to text you back immediately, but would they be willing to reply when they get a moment?

#3 Next time you get a craving, take the hand that is reaching for the junk and grab your phone instead. Text your friend saying 3 things:
(a) that you have a craving and are at/in...
(b) you know it will pass*
(c) that you are walking away from the junk right now and will text them again in 5 minutes to tell them you have stayed away from it.

*This is an extra step not included in the video

#4 Their job is to text back when they can saying Well Done!


It is VERY important right from the start that you don’t expect a reply immediately. That is unfair on your friend and would make you too dependent on them. This CB works because you take yourself out of isolation when you communicate with someone in this way, and learn to feel good through your ACTIONS instead of RESULTS. The results may take a while, but you can take an action to make you feel good RIGHT NOW.

What I found was that my friend started text salvationing ME  when she was giving up smoking! It was great as I got to see myself as a support for her. So offer to be your friend's text buddy when they need it.

And repeated actions, as Eugene Pauly would tell you, is what makes success almost effortless.

If you are doing this programme with the extra coaching sessions which include Monday to Friday check ins, you can message me for Text Salvation whenever you need to - it’s included.

If you would like to add the three 45 minute sessions to your online programme, simply email me at info {at} and we will set it up.

What if you are doing the online programme without extra coaching, and don’t have anyone you can message? Try the next idea...


No. 3: See You On The Other Side

Many thanks to the programme participant who created this Cravings Buster...and it really worked for her.

This is a variation on Text Salvation, but instead of messaging someone else, she texted herself! Just as she was about to go and pay for her fuel at the petrol station (a minefield of junk) she sent herself a text (no, I didn’t know you could do that either!) saying simply See you on the other side.

A simple action - but a real commitment.

You can complete the CB by messaging yourself 5 minutes later: I did it!



No. 4: The Primitive Getaway


No. 5: EFT (Tapping)

Prononents of this method claim that is can clear PTSD, reverse trauma and change your life. Having had EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) way back when before it was trendy, I can tell you that it did NOT change my life. However, it is a brilliant way to cope when you feel overwhelmed, and is like a shot of emotional valium! See what you think...


No. 6: Graffitti Writing


No. 7: Easter Island

I debated whether this should be a Motivational Mindshift instead of a Cravings Buster. If it doesn't work when you have cravings, it may work as a prevention strategy before the cravings get too strong. Feedback is welcome!

Music and songs that are powerful mood changers:

The Lark Ascending

Spem In Alium


No. 8: Make Up Your Own Cravings Buster

Now you have been introduced to my ideas, that should have got your imagination going. Are there any ways you can distract yourself from your cravings that will work better? Your own ideas are very valuable and may prove the best for you.


If you do come up with any ideas, please let me know. I will add them to this page.


No. 9: The Most Powerful Cravings Buster of Them All


Bonus: Stress Buster

I am not recommending this as a Cravings Buster because it needs a bit of preparation - however it may stop you reaching the point where you start feeling strong cravings.


You are now ready to start your 14 days to Freedom from Sugar

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