Freedom from Sugar Replacement Foods

5 Minute Breakfast

There are infinite versions of this. Here are three:

Version 1

Update January 2024

This snack is based on coconut milk. Ever since I made this video, I have found more and more people dislike it, and some nutritionists have doubts about it. The jury is out! I encourage you to do your own research. I now personally prefer to replace coconut milk with plain greek style yoghurt. If you dislike dairy and live in the UK, I can recommend the plain Oatgurt greek style vegan yoghurt


Ever since caveman times, we have been wired to love the mixture of fat and sugar. For sugar addicts, this is usually a disaster, but this sugar replacement allows you to satisfy the fat/sugar need without paying the price in mood crashes and health problems (This is true of most of these replacements, but this one is particularly creamy).


Place a small amount of fruit in a bowl, and sprinkle almonds on top. I prefer toasted almonds as it really creates a beautiful contrast with the softness of fruit. (You can toast almonds by placing them under a grill, or dry frying them - but do not try to multitask at the same time, or you’ll have some charred blackened remains on your hands! Keep the heat lower than usual).


Pour on yoghurt, or if you prefer, coconut milk. Coconut milk is one of those things you either love or hate. I personally love it, because since I've given up dairy, is the nearest thing I can get to cream (and if you put it in the fridge, after a couple of days it tends to thicken up to the consistency of double cream - yum yum!). My coaching clients are split on this one.


The other reason I love coconut milk is that it is a good fat. Good fats are vital nutrients and actually help you lose weight. Because your body is getting good quality fuel, it doesn’t cry out for extra in the form of hunger. Google good fats to learn more on this.


NB Not everyone is a fan of coconut milk, nutritionally speaking. Concerns have been raised about it, especially about the cans that some brands are packaged in. I cannot comment on this (I am not an expert), but if you google ‘coconut milk’ you can make your own mind up.


Version 2

Fruit, toasted coconut flakes and If you can get it,one third of a chopped up NAKD bar. You can see how the different versions are infinite really.

Version 3

This is homemade muesli. Here are some of the ingredients I put in mine:

  • Oats
  • Dessicated coconut (check the packet to see if it is sugar free)
  • toasted sunflower seeds
  • Chopped up NAKD bars
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Cocoa
  • Pine nuts
  • Cashew nuts
  • Raisins or other dried fruit