Years ago, I took a ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland. It was quite full, and I got stuck near the most garrulous woman in the northern hemisphere.

To say she couldn’t stop talking is an understatement akin to toddlers don’t often make sense or Elon Musk is quite ambitious.

I reached a point where I passed the intense irritation caused by the enforced listening to her drivel. I entered the zone of let-it-wash-over-me and started to let my irritation go.

Then, all of a sudden, she shut up.

The lesson here: life is not an ego-driven, get everything you want 24/7 fest. Sometimes it is about acceptance as a route to peace of mind.

Cheers now


P.S. The punchline….

A while later, she had a coughing fit. I offered her a cough sweet, which she gratefully accepted. “Thank you!” She beamed. 

Suddenly, I could feel that she wanted to relaunch her non stop verbiage, so I made sure to push my nose deep into my book. She got the hint, and blissful silence reigned supreme again.

For 30 seconds.

“It’s nice to be nice” she mused philosophically.

Inanity elevated to philosopher status. Love it!