a unique 60 minute online masterclass

How to Stop Feeling So Hurt

Starring Spiderman and 3 Key Questions

Wednesday 10th February 8pm UK time
With Harriet Morris

Do you want to discover:

How to reframe difficult situations so you feel less hurt 
A way to empower yourself with a plan for next time
How to turn this issue into a doorway for change 

There is no cost for this masterclass but you need to register by 9th February

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Doors Close In

Is it possible to reframe difficult situations so that you can reduce feelings of hurt and resentment?

This masterclass will offer you a practical way to do exactly that. All you need is a pen and paper!

I will share a real life example of one of my clients and how I helped her not only feel less hurt about a situation, but more empowered.

I am a highly sensitive person, and so this has been tailored to help you work from A (“Why is this so damn hard? How could they do that to me?”) to B (“I can manage this. I am more resilient than I thought”).

Please feel free to bring an example to the session of a difficult situation that left you feeling rejected and resentful, and you may have an opportunity to get coaching on it on the call.

I will also introduce you to The Spiderman Flip. Don’t worry...No scaling of buildings required! 

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