Do you have a fear of hunger? In this podcast episode of The Eating Coach, we dive into a topic that I have not heard discussed often. I talk openly about my own anxiety around my appetite, and what happened when I actually decided to experience hunger intentionally. I was very surprised at what I discovered.

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Part One: Why You Might Have Anxiety In This Area

#1 Childhood experiences. For example, food scarcity or meals used to give adults power over you.

#2 Food as a way to numb yourself out

In both scenarios, hunger can act as a very persuasive PR tool being used by your child rebel or the part of you that feels it is essential to numb out

I managed overeating a long time ago, but lockdown created a very powerful PR for my compulsion because I was doing too much. I dissolved some key relationships in my life, which created lots of fear.

What Happened When I Allowed Myself To Experience Hunger

I realised that hunger is not a fire, it is a tide

I realised that hunger is plastic

I also discuss the role that ghrelin (the hunger hormone plays) here and the evolutionary reasoning behind the plastic nature of hunger.

Over To You

I finish with some pointers if you want to experiment with dismantling your fear around being hungry.

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