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5 Ways to Make Fasting Easier

Turn fasting from an impossibility to an adventure

From fear of hunger to no pressure experimentation that is easier than you could ever have thought

From self-sabotage to sustainable change that is empowering

Ditch the harsh perfectionism of constant measuring

Embark on the greatest health adventure of your life!

About Harriet Morris

I am on the greatest health adventure of my life, and I want you to join me!

I have been coaching binge eaters since 2013 and host The Eating Coach podcast, which has had over 200,000 downloads. In 2020, lockdown brought me a strange gift in disguise. The stress of that year and all the extra things I piled on my plate meant that I literally started piling extra things on my plate. 

I was The Eating Coach - but to my shame I found that I was getting more and more compulsive around food, and at times, alcohol.

In spring 2021, I turned 50, came clean about my compulsion on my podcast, and started intermittent fasting. I haven’t looked back since.

Fasting has been amazing for my mobility, mental wellbeing and surprisingly, is a powerful tool to dismantle compulsion. 

Here’s the secret sauce of successful fasting:

Focus on making it as easy as possible.

I’ve done this by avoiding the tactics most people are using, instead turning to the same strategies I have been using with compulsive eaters for years: low-pressure experimentation, neutralising guilt and shame, invoking curiosity and sidestepping the temptation to downgrade it to a super diet.

If fasting were a person, most people are stuck in a bitter mediation dispute: I will deprive myself, but I want some quick fix results - or else!

To me, fasting is like dating the most fascinating, attractive person you have ever met, but one that you are initially slightly intimidated by. At the start, you worry that they are out of your league. However, with every date you relax more and more, and they get easier to be with.

I have fallen head over heels in love with fasting. 

Now I want to help other people enjoy the same love affair with their health.

One to One Fasting Coaching

Motivational Fasting coaching is available from November 2021

Whether you are struggling or just want to optimise intermittent, alternate day, or extended fasting, one to one coaching may be exactly what you need.

Contact me by emailing info @ theshiftinside. com