Extra Support Calls

As part of your coaching programme you have access to extra support calls.

What are these?

These 15 minute calls are there for times when you are really struggling. For example if you have a big social event centred on food or a stressful meeting you can book in a support call to discuss how to manage.


You can also use these as accountability opportunities - for example booking a call for after the social event.


Please note that I offer extra support calls throughout the day between 8am and 9pm UK time Monday to Friday and not outside these times. It may not be possible to have an extra support call at exactly the time when you need it, but certainly within a 24 hour window.

You have 8 extra calls as part of this coaching package over the 4-6 months. There is no need to spread them out; after all, you may well need the extra calls earlier on.


How To Set One of These Calls Up

The best way is to use the messaging app you use for check ins.

When you ask for an extra support call, give me 2 or 3 times you can do the call today or tomorrow, and I will schedule one of them and get back to you ASAP. Do not try to schedule a call yourself, because only I can schedule calls within 72 hours on the scheduler.

I will do my best to arrange the call for the day you ask for it, but it may be the following day (Monday to Friday only).

Any questions, just give me a shout!