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About Harriet Morris

Harriet gives you the tools you need to succeed.

I qualified in 2014 with The Institute for The Psychology of Eating and have been coaching mostly women with binge eating and sugar addiction since then. My  podcast, The Eating Coach, has had over 200,000 downloads.

Earlier this year, I realised that I am an empath. While this is a huge bonus in coaching, I came to realise that my empath nature had been holding me back in my personal life as far back as I can remember. 

Just like you, I have let narcissists and energy vampires take advantage of me. I have sat and patiently listened to well meaning energy drainers ruin my night. I too have felt bad because I had to leave that crowded bar early, unaware that I was unconsciously absorbing an overload of others’ energy. I have felt paralysed by my highly sensitive nature at times.

A few events in lockdown conspired wonderfully to prompt me to start showing up differently. Uninspired by 99% of the self help books for empaths (or should I say no help books???), I took matters into my own hands and started experimenting with creative ways to challenge myself. 

I have ditched energy vampires, and developed non confrontational ways to protect myself from WMEDs (these are the non toxic energy drainers). 

I have created a 20 minute process for turning the volume down on the hurt my sensitive nature causes me, as well as a range of other life strategies.

The result is that I feel liberated in a way I never have done before. It was never my empath nature that was the problem, it was my own mismanagement of it that caused me so much pain. You too can manage your empath nature and free yourself from misery.

All this - and more - is what I want to bring you in this programme. 

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