This blog post contains The Eating Coach Emotional Eating series of podcast minisodes.

Whether you turn to comfort eating, stress eating, or any other variation on it, it’s all about emotions. Human beings in the 21st century have a difficult relationship both with food and their emotions.

I was never any good at algebra but I think you’ll agree that difficult x difficult = disaster!

The good news is that you can do something about emotional eating. In this podcast series, I will explore:

*A powerful reframe to make you feel more empowered 

*How to start believing that you can do something about it]

*Where self-acceptance fits into the jigsaw

*How to use gamification and actually make this process FUN some of the time at least!

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Part 1: What If Emotional Eating Were Your Employee?

Today we ask: what if you stopped seeing emotional eating as a problem to solve and started asking some more useful questions.

What if it is a really crappy life manager? What issues is it trying to solve for you? What do you get out of employing this substandard employee? How can you manage your life directly? What do you get out of that life manager – because you must do (you haven’t scked them yet, right?)

What sort of partner would they make?

Part 2: The Gurus Have Got It All Wrong

Today I correct what I think is a very unhealthy misconception about change: that everything springs from self-belief. You will love this if you have ever doubted your ability too stop emotional eating – or indeed , you had zero self-belief, as was the case with me.

Part 3: Stress Eating

How do you deal with stress? Beating it? Escaping It temporarily? These solutions sound quite stressful in themselves!

In today’s episode, I give you a reframe: managing your life better. And I explain three ways you can dothis, with one tiny change you can make TODAY that will have a small but mighty effect on stress eating.

Part 4: This Will Reduce 50% of Your Emotional Eating

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Imagine a postie (mail delivery person if you live outside the UK) who delivers a parcel to your home, and invites themselves in for a cuppa. Ten years later they are still there, drinking you out of house and home…

A ridiculous scenario, but if we replace the postie with difficult emotions you have a situation that millions tolerate, simply because they don’t know how else to manage their anger, disappointment, guilt etc.

When you can learn to regulate your emotions yourself, you reduce 50% of your emotional eating issues….or should I say ‘stuck emotional eating’ issues.

Emotions are messengers, and never meant to stick around. AND they are not meant to be solved.

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…and watch the follow on video where I talk about one time where I regulated my emotions without trying to solve them. Warning: content involves being triggered by annoying teenagers 😊

Part 5: Bye Bye Emotionally Expensive Foods

Emotionally expensive foods are ones with a huge price tage – not necessarily financial, but mental, emotional, life purpose -wise – ENORMOUS

I am talking about fried foods, what, dairy and the big momma of ‘em all : sugar.

In this episode I give you a reframe for how you see these foodstuffs that will allow you step two ft to the side of your ingrained belief that you absolutely cannot do without them.

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Part 6: Eating Presence

In today’s episode, we look at the second major component (as well as emotional regulation)  of freeing yourself from emotional eating: Eating Presence.

In a nutshell, Eating Presence means eating nutritious food slowly.

It doesn’t mean being perfect and trying to turn yourself into a poster girl/boy for low carb/keto/paleo/no dairy/no sugar etc etc.

It means aiming for the most nutritious meals possible, while still allowing pleasure.

And it means eating them consciously.

In this episode I go into detail about what Eating Presence means in the real world, and we hear from one of my clients and how it has helped her.

Part 7: The Woman In The Cafe

A short anecdote from my life that led to a great offer for you: The introductory module of my programme to free yourself of emotional eating …completely free!

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Part 8: Lindsay’s Emotional Eating Story

Out Wed 30th March