Happy Birthday Em 

A few memories...

Remember coming to stay  with me in Brighton and we were both reading this?

Great minds think alike

"Christ! What the hell's going on?"

-June (Valencia?? yes??)

Em: You no go footbol

Hazza: Me llamo Luna

Great minds do not always think alike

Notice how the inferior beverage has zero stars, which indicates it is not even fit for consumption. No  reviewer would even go near it and it fails to garner even one star.  The garish green begs 'recycle me for God's sake - and pour this dishwater (that makes Carlsberg look like amber nectar from heaven) down the drain'. Compare this to the inspirational mountain image on the superior cerveza can, which of course merits its 5 star rating.

I rest my case.

"Oi loike a noice piece of  pie"

Harriet's super N irish accent

Every day fresh fish - Captain Angelo

Do you remember those leaflets we had to write on and give out?

I remember this port like it was yesterday