The Tank

This exercise will help you take the first step to stopĀ  people pleasing, by getting really clear on who/what energises and supports you...and who/what does the opposite.

Start by drawing a tank, like a tank of water. Make it very simple and add a line down the middle. Add the arrows.

Next, add these headings:

Your tank is the energy you have to manage your life and make the most of it. You are going to fill in both sides thinking of what/who fills and drains your personal energy tank.

An Example

Audio is divided into 2 because of upload limits to my website.

Benefits of this exercise:

You now have a powerful tool. You have CLARITY about what to prioritise and what to have less (or none) of in your life.

Why not create a time period (even an hour if you cannot find any longer) to fill only with people or things that fill your tank?