Podcast Guests

Hello and thanks for your interest in my podcast.


The RebelQueen Empath launches next week (ie you will be able to find it in your podcast app) but you can preview the first episodes here




The aim of the show is to help empaths and highly sensitive people gain more confidence and stand up to energy vampires etc.


I am looking to produce a mix of solo shows and interviews. I am keen to have other empaths and HSPs on to either talk about their struggles or how they have moved through these issues.


I have had guests on my other show The Eating Coach, and I have noticed that they fall into two categories


A - collaborative

B - self promo


I am sure you can guess the difference. Group A generously tell their email lists and tribe about the interview etc. Group B do not. As an empath (actually as a human being), group B guests are not great!


Therefore I have decided that any interview on my podcast will have collaboration baked in. This means that all guests need to have listened to at least 1 episode, rated and reviewed the show and email their community about the interview when it is published.


In return all guests get a plug for their business should they want it and I will also publicise the interview.