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All of these roadtester materials are more rough and ready than my podcast recordiongs for example. I am still developing the ideas, so they are less organised. I am frequently talking off the cuff. 

I am very grateful for your feedback. What is useful here? What doesn't speak to you?



Doctor's Orders

This is an exercise in shifting from adapting to everyone else to starting to value your own needs - sometimes publicly, sometimes just to yourself.

Audio is divided into 2 because of upload limits to my website.

Notes and  Clarifications

Doctor’s Orders is  not about getting everyone to arrange themselves 100% around you , rather to redress the present imbalance where you are showing up underplaying your needs

Start of part 2 - when I say I am not putting words into your mouth, I mean: you decide how you want things to be with people. If this creates confusion for you, (ie you are unsure of what boundaries to even want) let me know.

Energy vampire - narcissists, people who actively seek to use you to aggrandise their own sense of self. They wantbyou to carrybtheir emotional baggage. Can be unconscious on their part. Neither of the friends I mention in this audio are energy vamps. I call them WMEDs = well meaning energy drainers!

Listening back to this, I think I am starting to describe not just doctor’s orders which is really giving yourself permission to show up differently but distinct movements that happen afterwards:

The Audit

Boundary building


I wonder whether there is a journalling exercise for doc orders, some way of formalising this new direction.