Eating Help For Men (No, That Wasn’t A Typo!)

with Harriet Morris, The Eating Coach

Before I started working with Harriet, I was completely out of control around food, compulsively eating things that were not good for me – it was like my body was not listening to my head. It undermined the other things I was doing for my health (like the gym) and I felt cross with myself, guilty and despondant.

I started to gain control very soon into the coaching sessions. I now feel significantly stronger mentally, and am much more disciplined – I’m talking about a 90% reduction in processed sugar. Going to a shop or petrol station is no longer a minefield of temptation. I think a lot of it has developed into unconscious competence. The daily check ins have really helped turn my goals into habits.

The best thing is I am actually easier on myself – I just don’t feel the guilt I used to. We worked on different ways to avoid feeling like I was depriving myself. Although weight loss was not the focus of the coaching, I am pleased to say that I have also lost (a previously immoveable) half a stone (7lb) in spite of a full social life and a holiday – and kept it off.

Mr G Thomas, Cardiff


Are you sick of searching for the best solution to your issues with food, only to find that everyone is just talking to women – or it’s all about six packs, protein shakes and muscle mass?


My name is Harriet Morris and I am a qualified eating psychology coach and host of The Eating Coach podcast. I have been working with men since summer 2014 – in fact my longest running client is a man!


Eating psychology takes a different approach to weight and food issues than traditional diets or extreme detoxes. I work in the nutritional, psychological and lifestyle arenas to help client make permanent, sustainable changes to achieve their goals. I have developed 4 areas where I can do powerful work with clients, which I detail below.


Issues Affecting Men

In my sessions with male clients, these are some of the common areas that we work on and some of the questions I ask (these are not universal and do not apply to all men):



Is paleo really the perfect one-size-fits-all solution for you? What individual needs do you have that your diet is missing out on? What experiments can we do to identify these needs?


Career and Eating 
Is overeating an invisible way to underachieve – or deal with stress? How can we challenge that? Are you doing your most purpose-driven work, and if not, how can we move you towards that goal? Are you happy with your career? Would it help you to take on aspects of being an alpha male, even if that’s not your personality type?


Body Image
Are you using harsh comparisons with movie stars and athletes as an easy way out of getting back into dating or being intimate with your partner? What small steps can you take to challenge this self-sabotage? How can you feel strong in your body even though you are an older man? Healthy vs unhealthy ways to build muscle.


Relationships and Eating
Do we need to challenge your perceptions of what ‘all’ women want? Why should no six pack equal no intimacy?


The Warrior
The warrior is a psychological archetype, in other words a way of showing up in the world. In what ways can you become more of a warrior? This does not mean become more physically aggressive or violent, but it may push you to up your game in ways that are uncomfortable. How to achieve this in a healthy way.


Real Role Models
What is a ‘real man’? Does he really have to look like Brad Pitt? How to be a true king and reign over your life. Filtering the unhelpful role models that culture offers to you as if you were a sheep. Defining what kind of man you want to be – realistically.





Richard: Making Me Do What I Love Again

The coaching made me think about things in a different way. It has made me take action on playing more badminton, which I really love. With my eating, I was labouring under the illusion that getting up late and only eating 2 meals would help me lose weight – now I understand the science behind why the opposite is true. The sessions were really useful in that they gave me space to think about what I can do that will really impact my health. Harriet is very good at teasing out connections and making sense of my behavior around food and exercise and gently offering suggestions of things i might try. Richard Smart, Brighton, UK

Reclaim Your Life From Food

Coaching Programme

What Does It Cover?

#1 Retrain Your Brain To Divert Cravings…and bypass willpower

Imagine having no cravings – how much easier would it be to avoid those powerfully addictive binge foods which create that overwhelming and destructive desire in you?

I cannot promise you that you will never experience them again. Instead, let me offer you a much more realistic possibility: that you can learn how to prevent a good deal of cravings in the first place, and then to divert that cravings energy into something harmless, even when you feel utterly compulsive. The great news here is that none of this requires any willpower – there are far more creative and powerful strategies at your disposal. Let me introduce them to you, and coach you into finding the best ones for you.


#2 Free Yourself From Sugar…and other mood hijacker foods

You know that there are certain foods you always turn to when the binge compulsion strikes. Sugar is the most common, but there are others. What they all have in common is that for many people they are what I call mood hijacker foods. They create mood swings, PMT, fatigue, brain fog and other unnecessary side effects that could be seriously affecting your confidence and quality of life.

I will show you how to liberate yourself from them using both nutritional and practical techniques as well as transformational reframing that completely changes the meaning of this challenge for you and reconnects you to your real power.

If short term dietary quick fixes and wishy washy positive thinking have failed you, let me work with you to turn this struggle into an adventure. The most important one of your life.


 #3 Turn Off Emotional Eating…by flipping the 5 happiness switches in your brain

There are 2 ways to avoid emotional, comfort and stress eating: D.O.S.E.R. and postive channeling.

What is D.O.S.E.R? Have you ever had a hug from a friend you haven’t seen that brightened up a lonely day, or got some good news in an otherwise difficult week, or despaired at why you only ever seem to enjoy life when you are on holiday? You believe that these feel good moments are at the mercy of external triggers (your friend, the good news or the holiday). This is dead wrong. You have an inbuilt feelgood factory in your brain, ready and waiting RIGHT NOW to produce genuine lifts in your mood and outlook.

You can take complete control of the 5 happiness switches that I collectively call DOSER, and do a huge amount to not only prevent emotional, comfort and stress eating – but also to improve your daily life. What are you waiting for?

What is Positive Channeling? The popular belief about emotions is that we would all be happier if we could ignore those pesky devils anger, shame, fear etc. The truth is that we have turned these uncomfortable emotions into monsters (and so made them more powerful than they need be) because we do not understand how they can actually HELP us be happier.

The solution is to positively channel them and so get them to dissipate naturally, which is as a learnable skill as the ability to read the words on this page. If you are sick of the time you spend feeling bad about feeling bad, these strategies will be a game changer for you.


#5 Neutralise Your Guilt and Shame…and get your life back

Guilt and shame are crippling. Imagine how much easier it would be to achieve eating change if you could get rid of them permanently? The key here is to understand that they have a misguided function: they really want to help you, but are doing it in a way that not only doesn’t work, but actually makes you miserable.

Neutralising guilt and shame is all about looking at your inner resistance not as an enemy waiting in the wings in an invisibility cloak to ambush our best laid plans, but as something we have a choice to give in to or not. Once you start to use specific strategies to empower yourself to make the best choice,  you can move through your challenges not as a struggling survivor, but a thriving adventurer. Your eating becomes a tool to help you reclaim your life.


Neil: Ending Night Time Binges In Less Than A Month

In less than a month, Harriet was able to coach me so I was able to overcome the negative habit of overeating at night. The changes she helped me make have been sustained and I am so happy with the resulting weight loss that is still happening! She really understands the complex subject of the psychology of eating and is able to give that over in a fun and compelling way that creates lasting change.

Neil Rischall, New York

How Does It Work?

I have found that once a week coaching sessions alone are insufficient to create real, lasting change. I offer added (almost) daily check-ins as a minimum add-on. Premier coaching videos (daily short informational videos to support our work) and written summaries of our sessions are also available.


I’m Interested! – What Now?

I do not accept all clients – I need to talk with you to decide if we are a good fit. I do not want to waste your money or time.

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