Digestive Problems: The Missing Link

Have you been suffering with digestive issues, and nothing seems to work? You know there certain foods that create havoc in your gut, but you are locked in a battle with your cravings when it comes to eliminating or reducing them?

To help you discover the possible missing link that the medical and nutritional experts have missed, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever said any of the following:

* I just can’t stomach that place/person/job anymore
* She’s got guts
* I’ve got butterflies in my stomach
These are just a few of the numerous phrases that use digestion as a metaphor for life. The fact is that the mind powerfully affects the body, and especially the digestive tract. This is why when you feel nervous, your stomach does Olympic medal-winning backflips and eating becomes impossible.
Could it be possible that this mind-body connection goes beyond mere nerves about that upcoming presentation/first date/important meeting?
Could it be the missing link in relieving IBS, indigestion, heartburn and more?

Why Consult Me?

Harriet Morris
Harriet Morris

As a qualified eating psychology coach…

I Can Help You If You Have Tried Everything Under The Sun, And You’re Still in Pain

Traditional approaches treat the gut as a piece of body machinery that has independently broken down. This is like looking at a gunshot victim in a war zone, and telling them off for standing in the way of someone with a firearm. Their real problem is the war they are living through, and for many people the answer to their digestive problems lies in their thinking, lifestyle and emotions.

Often digestive problems are messengers, telling us we have veered off course in life. In this context, quick fix digestive aids do nothing but shoot the messenger.

I Can Help You If You Know What To Do, But You Just Don’t Know How

Even when digestive challenges are 100% diet-related, the real solution is often how to get yourself to eliminate the troublesome foodstuffs, because we often crave foods we are sensitive to.
I can help you dismantle these cravings using a blend of
*simple neuroscience
*proven strategies to get you to walk away from the fridge/bread bin/junk food
*reframing the challenge to help you consciously connect it to your big Why – your purpose in life.
If the idea of going without your favourite food (that also happens to set off digestive fireworks) fills you with horror, you’ve come to the right place.
Having given up/significantly reduced my consumption of 4 problematic foodstuffs – all of which I used to eat compulsively – I can tell you that there are ways to eliminate them that avoid struggle and head off deprivation, while empowering you to take control of your eating and digestion – and your life. You may not even need to cut out a certain food completely or permanently.


I Can Help You If You Have Other Issues

Because my approach treats the whole person, other related problems such as weight gain, PMT, low mood and fatigue can be positively impacted when we treat your digestion. There are various reasons for this:
*You may be hooked on a food that bloats you out, but you think the bloating is excess fat.
*That food might also cause brain fog, which feels like constant tiredness. Brain fog is very interesting because you only recognise it when it lifts, in the same way that someone who has spent their life in a cloudy climate can only appreciate the pleasure of a sunny day once the clouds have cleared.
*The same food that creates havoc in your gut might be causing chaos in your brain chemistry as well, giving you mood swings and/or intense cravings for high fat/high sugar foods. These give you a quick energy and mood fix – both of which are followed by a crash and repeated need for a further fix.
It is likely you cannot see these connections, and have fallen into the belief that it’s normal to feel exhausted every evening (it’s not), that you are just a naturally moody person (when others are walking on eggshells around you, it’s not) and that murderous rages before your period are just something you have to live with (there is a lot that women can do to reduce their PMT. We were not designed to live one week out of four in hell).
If you are interested in coaching to heal your digestion from an inside-out approach, contact me