Fresh ideas sign in the skyThe Shift Inside covers a range of eating problems through weight loss coaching, ebooks and of course the (almost completely) video blog.

My aim is to reframe these issues as adventures. Does that sound overly optimistic? Do you think I’m downplaying the havoc they wreak on your life? If so, please stick with me. You see, I’ve been there. The parties where all I could think about was the food, the stress-induced supermarket dash for high-fat, high-sugar goodies (that came with a nice side order of guilt and self-loathing), and the feeling that it was all my fault.

The truth is that changing how I saw the way I ate from

a war I was waging against my life


a curiosity-driven adventure

made it a hell of a lot easier to dismantle my compulsive eating and sugar addiction.

Think about it. Adventures aren’t always easy (I’ve no magic pill to offer you here) – but they wake you up on a deep soul level, and show you strengths in you that you’d never thought existed. They can be fun too!

Are you ready to overshoot your potential and lose the misery that eating has weighed down your life with? Let’s get going!

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