How  You Can Earn Commission For Recommending My Free Products

My name is Harriet Morris, and I help people with pre- and type 2 diabetes stop binge and emotional eating, and free themselves from sugar addiction. 

On this page I am going to explain how you can potentially earn thousands in commission without even having to sell anything of mine. All you do is recommend one of my free products.

How It Works

Step One

You have a look at my free products and choose which one(s) might be interesting to your clients and audience.

Freedom In Five

Free 5-minute audio that even the most dyed-in-the-wool sugar addict can use to walk away from the dessert aisle or cookie jar - however strong their cravings are.

Includes bonus audio The Cloud Tunnel, which builds on the first one to turn saying no into the start of an empowering adventure.

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Mind Over Diabetes Starter Kit 

Perfect for those dealing with pre- or type 2 diabetes, this multimedia Starter Kit explores some powerful mindset shifts anyone can make to start feeling like they CAN do something to reverse this condition - however problematic their history with food is. At the end, they are invited to a one-to-one call with me to discuss coaching options.

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The Queen Audit

Video series designed for women over 40, full of uncommon knowledge that challenges  assumptions about how your female clients are showing up in life and offers empowering reframes. This is a perfect complement to any work you are doing around navigating menopause. 

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Step Two

You recommend one of my free products to your clients and audience. You do this using a unique affiliate link (details below). When anyone who signs up for a free product using this link buys one of my paid products, the unique link tracks this, tells me - and I pay you. 

How Much Commission Can I Earn?

I offer 25% commission on all online products and 10% on one-to-one coaching programmes. Please note that many clients first try out my services with a low cost intro offer, then progress to one-to-one coaching, which - as you will see - is where the real commissions are to be made. For example:

Mind Over Diabetes £45 pcm online self-study programme x 10 monthly payments. £113 commission per sale.

Reclaim One-to-One Coaching Programme  £3,500. £350 commission per client.

Please note that fees may change and these figures are guidelines.

How Do I Get My Unique Affiliate Link?

All of my products are hosted on a site called Membervault. To be an affiliate (meaning to get commissions) you need a free user account. By far the best way to do this is to sign up for the free product you want to promote. 

Once you have done this, you can go get your unique affiliate link. Details of how to do this are on this page.

You recommend one of my free products to your clients and audience, using the unique link 

How the affiliate link works:

Say someone called Alana decides to be one of my affiliates. Her affiliate link acts a kind of digital tracker that says Hey Membervault! If any of Alana's audience buys anything from Harriet, make sure to alert Harriet . Membervault also has a very clever 'binge buy' website layout design, which shows any user all available products. What this means is that if someone who came to me via you buys more than one paid product, you get a commission on them too.

I'm Interested. What Do I Do Now?

The best first step is to sign up for one of the products above yourself, and get your affiliate link by following the instructions here.

Let's collaborate! Read the section below on how to really make this work!

Please feel free to click here to book a call with me if you have any questions.

Get Reminders

If you give me your email address, I'll update you about the new free products releases.

How To Really Make This Work

The possibilities in terms of commission for you run into thousands. 

If your audience is right for my message, you could easily add four figures to your takings this year - all without having to sell a single product of mine. All you need to do is introduce me to your audience and be the trusted voice that encourages them to get something low risk (ie free) from me.

To that end, the more you promote me, the more money you can make. Some ideas for this:

#1 Sign up for the product(s) you think will appeal to your audience and go through it. This will help you talk it about it with more authority and (I hope!) enthusiasm.

#2 Collaboration - Let's collaborate! Here are some ideas....

The better you introduce me to your audience, the more likely they are to sign up for one of my freebies - and the more commission you make. To that end, please consider any way you can interview me, invite me into your community, talk to me on a Facebook Live etc. You can see how much more powerful these are than passing on my offer in an email.

For any of these more substantial introductions, I will create a special secret offer for your community (eg a 20 min one to one call).

I am also very interested in cross promotion. My Eating Coach podcast has almost a quarter of a million downloads. There are opportunities for you to promote yourself - anything from a mention on my podcasts to an interview. I am always interested in having people on to talk about their real life experiences with overeating, sugar addiction, intermittent fasting, body image.

If you have any ideas you want to share with me about cross promotion, please drop me an email: info {at}

Client Success  Stories

"The right focus"

Harriet's resources were critical in getting me to focus on the right things for my fast, and knowing what to expect. I felt supported and it was great to go through this process as part of a group. 

JQ Whitcomb

"Rewarding AND fun!"

Undoing 25 years of binge eating habits and coping mechanism is very challenging work. However, it's rewarding, insightful and progressive - but because of Harriet it's also FUN!"

Louise Mitchell

"Incredibly empowered"

I have tried so many diets and cleanses and have never achieved as much as success as I have doing Harriet's programme. I feel incredibly empowered."

Jessica Romrell

"Easier & more relaxed"

Harriet made intermittent fasting easier for me and I actually feel more relaxed about it. She also supported me by suggesting organizational changes and reframes that are helping me to make the most of fasting. I now do different seasons of IF, which fits perfectly.

Michael, 56 - Hamburg

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About Harriet Morris

In 2012, I started dismantling my sugar addiction and compulsive eating which had brought me three decades of misery and self-loathing. It is now over 10 years since I gave up 95% of the sugar I used to eat. I have reclaimed my life from food - but in a different way from most self-styled health experts.

I made huge changes - with zero self-belief

I never strive for perfection

I am all about replacing self-discipline with curiosity; portion control and calorie counting with slow eating; harsh extreme dieting with gamification and experimentation - and the toxic parent-child dynamic of the diet industry with the idea of partnering with food.

I have been coaching binge eaters since 2013 and host The Eating Coach podcast, which has had almost 250,000 downloads. In 2020, lockdown brought me a strange gift in disguise. The stress of that year and all the extra things I piled on my plate meant that I literally started piling extra things on my plate. 

I was The Eating Coach - but to my shame I found that I was getting more and more compulsive around food, and at times, alcohol.

In spring 2021, I turned 50, came clean about my compulsion on my podcast, and created an upgrade to what I was doing. I developed eating presence. What once seemed like a disaster has been a great gift. Because eating presence is a way of eating that takes compulsive eaters to a high level of self-acceptance that they never thought possible. 

Now I want to help other people enjoy the same love affair with their health.

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