The question Do you do weight loss? is asked sometimes, so I thought I would give the full answer here.

It is true that clients have shed weight while working with me. I have heard the comment “My trousers are getting looser!” many, many times a few weeks in to a client’s programme. A handful of clients have shed a significant amount of weight.

I did used to have before and after photos on my site, but I took them down, because they promote a toxic and harmfully simplistic approach to body image.

Slimming is not the focus of this work. Instead, the conversation and action steps are about changing your behaviour and feelings – how to walk away from the dessert aisle even when you feel compulsive, how to start to dismantle the compulsive feelings themselves, as well as the toxic guilt around food that does not belong to you. 

Why do I focus on behaviour/feelings change and not on weight loss?

Firstly, because in the work I do,  it is possible to see a change in behaviour and feelings very quickly. These changes are based on the way I get people to neutralise their guilt. This is liberating and sustainable in a way that quick fix diets never are – they are founded on guilt (for example food must have points – also called sins in Slimming World), and the weight shed on those diets invariably returns. However, the diet industry has got everyone believing the pounds which came back are your fault, so they keep winning (££$$) and you keep losing (confidence, motivation, hope…everything except the weight).

Secondly, as I mentioned above, trying to get people to change through guilting them into action can only ever work temporarily.

If you know in your heart that you are going to rebel against the next diet you try and are sick of feeling inadequate, I can help you.

If you want to be a better role model for any children and young people in your life, I can help you.

If you would like to turn making healthy choices into a way to empower yourself and reclaim your life from food, I can help you.

If you want to turn exercise from a chore into a way to feel better and more resilient, if you want to end the war you’ve been conscripted into against your own body, then I can definitely help you.

I offer nutritional guidelines, and advice on the how of eating (something very underrated) – but because everyone who works with me is a food rebel, I am careful not to be dictatorial about implementing these guidelines. I help clients connect with far more empowering reasons to make healthy choices than the nonsense spewed out by the diet industry. I help people be OK with the days when everything goes wrong and start afresh tomorrow.

If you prefer to hand over control of your meals to someone else and follow a set programme, if you are wedded to calorie counting, if you do not want to learn to trust yourself and instead trust a diet sheet, then I am not for you and I encourage you to seek out a different solution.

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